Why is Michelle Gibson our Trusted Real Estate Advisor?

I absolutely love real estate and it makes my week when I receive testimonials like the one below. I would like to publicly thank Manny and Evelyn for putting their trust in me for the last 10 years. THANK YOU!

We have known Michelle now for nearly 10 years and we have just completed our third transaction (soon closing on a fourth). She has become a trusted advisor and we do not make ANY real estate decisions without consulting her first.

Michelle Gibson Wellington Realtor ReviewThere are three things that make Michelle exceptional.

First, is her strong knowledge of the market and her instincts for recognizing trends. This knowledge is a strategic imperative when looking to buy or sell a home in this market. Her knowledge gave us the confidence that we were making the right decisions.

Second is her tenacious work ethic and professionalism. She is ahead of the game when it comes to technology and her networking skills keeps her sharp.

Third is her personal approach and dedication. She knows how to handle the “Type A’s” such as myself and when you work with Michelle you immediately know you have a trusted partner looking out for your interest.

If your are looking or selling Real Estate in Wellington/West Lake Worth, you will be at a disadvantage if you do not have Michelle on your team.

I highly recommend!

Manny & Evelyn Rodriguez

Read more: http://wellingtonhometeam.com/about/testimonials/

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