Making mistakes is part of life, but here are 7 mistakes Wellington home sellers can avoid when listing their home for sale. Now that we reviewed the first seller mistakesecond seller mistake,third seller mistake and forth seller mistake

5. Being Home During Showings:

It is next to impossible for a Wellington home buyer to envision themselves living in your home when you are there. It is always best for sellers to leave during showings; go for a walk, sit in your car down the block or run errands.

The last thing you want is for a prospective home buyer to feel uncomfortable because you are around, this includes sitting outside on the patio, by doing so the buyer may focus more on you, less on your home and rush through the showing. Give the buyer a chance to feel what it would be like to call your home their new home.

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Costly Mistakes Wellington Home Sellers Make: Being Home During Showings
Wellington Home Seller Mistakes | Being home during a showing can turn homebuyers away. Avoid mistakes by calling 561-333-0446.

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