Rental Appointment Policy

Wellington Florida Appointment PolicyIn a competitive rental market it is important to be prepared prior to looking at any home for rent.  Below we have created a check list of things you will need in order to rent a home in Wellington Florida or the surrounding area.  By providing these documents up front and have the remaining ready you will save yourself time, stress and possible frustration.

Things we require before your appointment to set *you* up for success:

1.  A completed Online Rental Questionnaire: We want to be able to show you as many rentals that fit your needs and by filling out our online rental questionnaire we will be able to send you a list of everything available.

2.  A copy of your Credit Score:  You may be hesitant to provide such personal information, but every single landlord wants to know about the financial responsibility of their prospective tenant.  You can provide a copy of your credit score or we can pull your entire credit report for a small fee.

If you are still unsure why we need your credit information up front you can read more about it here:  Why do you need my Credit Score?  Another reason we require a copy of your credit information up front is to verify who you are.  Unfortunately we don’t meet strangers at property.

*Please note each landlord has different requirements, some will accept a credit report you provide or that we provide while others will want to have it pulled through their listing office to verify accuracy.

Wellington Florida Rental Submitting an Offer

Things you may need when submitting a Rental Offer:

1.  Contract to Lease: This is the written offer that will have a tenants terms and conditions, which must be signed by everyone who will be on the lease.

2. Rental Application: This will typically list your current address, past and present jobs, type of vehicles, occupants of home and pets.

3.  Credit Report: Usually anyone over the age of 18 will have to provide or have their credit report pulled.

4.  Background Check: Usually anyone over the age of 18 will have to go through a background check.

5.  Proof of Income: Usually a recent paycheck stub or W2 to verify income.

6.  Introduction Letter: If you have bad credit or a unique situation explain why, make the prospective landlord focus on you NOT the number on a piece of paper.

7.  Copy of Deposit Check: This is a deposit to hold the property.

When working with tenants I always include these 7 items when submitting a rental offer on your behalf and you can read all about it here:  How to Submit a Winning Rental Offer.

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Wellington Rental Appointment Policy
In a competitive rental market like Wellington Florida it is important for tenants to be prepared prior to looking at any home for rent.