Wellington Elementary Schools

Below is a list of public and private elementary schools in Wellington Florida.

Wellington Public Elementary Schools

Binks Forest Elementary School Wellington Florida Binks Forest Elementary School
15101 Bent Creed Road, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-792-5250
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Wellington Homes for Sale near Elbridge Gale Elementary School Elbridge Gale Elementary School
1915 Royal Fern Drive, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-422-9300
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Equestrian Trails Elementary School Wellington Florida Equestrian Trails Elementary School
9720 Pierson Road, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-791-9300
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New Horizons Elementary School Wellington Florida New Horizons Elementary School
13900 Greenbriar Blvd, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-795-4966
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Panther Run Elementary School in Wellington Florida Panther Run Elementary School
10775 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth Florida 33449
Phone: 561-804-3900
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Wellington Elementary School Wellington Florida Wellington Elementary School
13000 Paddock Drive, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-795-4969
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Wellington  Private Elementary Schools

St David’s-in-the Pines Episcopal School
465 W Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL 33414
Phone:  561.793.1272

Wellington Christian School
1000 Wellington Trace, Wellington, FL 33414
Phone:  561. 793.1017

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