Below is a list of public and private middle schools in Wellington Florida.

Wellington Public Middle Schools

Emerald Cove Middle School

9950 Peirson Road, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-803-8000
Search Emerald Cove Middle School Homes for Sale

Polo Park Middle School

11901 Lake Worth Road, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-333-5500
Search Polo Park Middle School Homes for Sale

Wellington Landings Middle School

1100 Aero Club Drive, Wellington Florida 33414
Phone: 561-792-8100
Search Wellington Landings Middle School Homes for Sale

Wellington Private Middle Schools

Wellington Christian School

1000 Wellington Trace, Wellington, FL 33414
Phone:  561. 793.1017

Wellington Homes for Sale by School

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*This information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Please note school boundaries may change at any time, please verify the current school boundaries at

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Wellington Florida Middle Schools | View Middle Schools
Wellington Florida Middle Schools | View all of the middle schools in Wellington Florida, which include public and private middle schools.

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