Why do you need my credit report - Wellington Homes for Rent

Prior to showing any homes for rent in Wellington we require at least the first page of the prospective tenant’s credit report with score, which they can provide themselves or our office can pull for a small fee. Some tenants may be hesitant to provide such personal information, but every single Wellington landlord wants to know about the financial responsibility of their prospective tenant.

If the tenant has excellent credit the landlord wants to see it!

If the tenant has average credit the landlord wants to see it!

If the tenant has horrible credit the landlord wants to see it!

Unfortunately, neither the landlord nor our office can accept a verbal credit rating provided by the prospective tenant. As a REALTOR® it is my job to find homes that not only fit a tenant’s needs, but a home they are qualified to rent.

It is not uncommon to see statements in the MLS that the “landlord is only considering tenants with a credit score of “X” or above.” Rarely do landlords specify that they require “good” or “excellent” credit since these terms mean something different to everyone. While a tenant may consider a credit score of 700 excellent a landlord may consider that average.

There are several steps to renting a home in Wellington and a tenant providing their credit report is the first step because an offer cannot be made without it and we never want a tenant to lose a property because they were not qualified or prepared.

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