If you own a home or are in the process of purchasing a home in any part of South Florida you may have heard the term “Wind Mit,” “Wind Mitigation” or even “Windstorm Mitigation,” which all mean the exact same thing.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Wellington FLA wind mitigation is a type of inspection performed on a home and the wind mitigation inspection report might qualify that property for discounts on the windstorm/hurricane portion of the homeowners insurance.

A few weeks ago I contacted Ace Flood & Inspections to perform a wind mitigation inspection on my home to reduce the annual cost of my homeowners insurance.  According to an insurance broker I know they said building codes and laws are constantly changing, so even though I had a wind mitigation inspection done 5 years ago a lot has changed since then, hence why I need a new wind mitigation inspection report.

While I haven’t been notified how much I will save on my homeowners insurance policy I do know that it will cover the cost of the wind mitigation inspection at least 10 times over.

If you own a home or are purchasing a home in South Florida you may want to consider getting a wind mitigation inspection done on the property because it could save you a lot of money.

*Please note having a wind mitigation inspection does not guarantee a discount on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Article Name
Will a Wind Mitigation Inspection Save me Money?
It is true a wind mitigation inspection may save you money on your Wellington Florida homeowners insurance.

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