Renting your home isn’t always easy and there are a lot of mistakes landlords can make especially when it comes to accepting a tenant. Now, finding a tenant may be easy especially if your home is in a great location and has a lot to offer. However, finding a qualified tenant may be extremely difficult, well IF you do a thorough screening, which not all landlords do. Below are 3 mistakes landlords make when accepting a tenant.

3 Mistakes Landlords Make when Accepting a Tenant

No Verification

One of the biggest mistakes a landlord can make is accepting a tenant without doing a thorough screening before accepting them. Now, it’s rare a landlord will meet a tenant or receive an application from a tenant and accept them without pulling their credit, criminal record, eviction record or verify their employment/income. However, I have encountered landlords who want to think the best of everyone and don’t necessarily feel we have to “jump through hoops” to screen a tenant. Landlords need to remember this is their home, they are responsible for it, so if they put a tenant in place that turns out to be unemployed and doesn’t have money to pay rent it can become very costly and time-consuming to evict them if they don’t pay.

3 Mistakes Landlords Make when Accepting a Tenant - No pet checkSecurity Deposit

Another big mistake some landlords make is not collecting a security deposit or allowing a tenant to apply their security deposit towards rent. A security deposit is a deposit tenants make to ensure they leave the property in the same condition they rented it in otherwise the landlord may be able to collect a portion or all of the deposit to “fix” what the tenant damaged. And landlords need to keep in mind just because the tenant has been a “good” tenant and paid rent on time does not mean they didn’t trash the house, so it’s never a good idea to forgo collecting a deposit or allowing a tenant to apply it towards rent.


Accepting a “pet” without knowing what they’re accepting is another mistake landlords make. Now, 90% of tenants probably have a pet, but how many do they have? What breed? What’s their weight? Is the breed allowed in the community or city? A lot of communities and/or cities have pet restrictions, which may be enforced and if your tenant has a restricted pet or pets it may negatively impact you. Did their dog, that’s prohibited, bite someone? Guess who may responsible? Yep, the landlord. It’s best to find out exactly what type of pet(s) the tenant has, ask for pictures along with their vet records.

Final Thoughts

Screen, screen, screen prospective tenant’s! Don’t feel uncomfortable that you’re requesting so much information from them, it’s part of the process and the norm in most areas. If a prospective tenant refuses to provide information, like their current landlords information or proof of income, there’s probably a reason and that should be a red flag. Not only should you be requesting information you should be verifying it too! I’ve received self-provided credit reports from prospective tenants only to find out when I pulled their credit they altered the report they provided and their score was 200 points less.

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3 Mistakes Landlords Make when Accepting a Tenant
Article Name
3 Mistakes Landlords Make when Accepting a Tenant
Renting your home isn't always easy and there are a lot of mistakes landlords can make especially when it comes to accepting a tenant.

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