Want to Fire Your Realtor Because Your Home Hasn’t Sold?

Want to Fire Your Realtor Because Your Home Hasn’t Sold?

When a home hasn’t sold it’s not uncommon for sellers to blame their Realtor and many assume if they hire a new Realtor their home will magically sell. After all, it has to be their fault the home hasn’t sold, right? Not necessarily. Before a seller jumps ship and starts to interview other Realtors they really need to take a closer look at their situation.

Want to Fire Your Realtor Because Your Home Hasn't Sold?

Here are 6 questions every seller should ask themselves before firing their current Realtor. By doing so it will hopefully help them determine why their home hasn’t sold and if hiring a new Realtor will solve the problem.

How’s the Real Estate Market?

The very first step to determining why a home hasn’t sold is to examine the current real estate market conditions. This is something nobody has any control over, not sellers, not buyers, and especially not Realtors.

So how is the real estate market? Has your Realtor been keeping you up to date on market conditions? Are homes around you sitting on the market or are they selling fairly quickly? If homes around you aren’t selling it may be a buyer’s market therefore switching real estate agents probably won’t make a difference. However, if homes around you are selling there is a reason why your home hasn’t and you need to figure out that reason, is it you or your Realtor?

How Does Your Home Show?

Staging to Sell Your HomeWhen selling a home you will only get one opportunity to impress a buyer and that first impression starts the minute they drive up to your home. From this point, buyers will either rule your home out or proceed to head inside.

If your home doesn’t show like a model and smells like pets, is in need of repair, or is cluttered that could be the reason it hasn’t sold. In this case, firing your Realtor and hiring a new one probably won’t make a difference.

Now, if you’re home isn’t selling based on condition and your Realtor hasn’t advised you on how to improve the appearance of your home or price it accordingly then a new Realtor may be the route to go.

Is Your Home Easy to Show?

If a buyer can’t see your home they can’t buy it! How flexible are you with showings? Do you only allow showings on certain days at certain times? Do you require a 24-48 hour advanced notice to schedule a showing? Restricting showings is not your Realtor’s fault therefore hiring a new one most likely won’t change a thing.

However, if it’s impossible for agents to obtain showing instructions from your Realtor because they don’t return calls, text messages, or e-mails or they need to accompany all showings but can’t then your Realtor could be the reason your home isn’t selling. Once again if a buyer can’t see your home they can’t buy it.

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Is Your Listing Agent Responsive?

How responsive is your Realtor, do they return your calls, text messages, or e-mails in a timely manner? If they’re unresponsive to the person who’s paying them for their services odds are they’re unresponsive to other agents and prospective home buyers. Now, it’s unrealistic to expect your Realtor to be available 24-7 but they should still be returning calls, text messages, and e-mails the same day.

If days go by and you don’t hear from your Realtor they could be the reason your home isn’t selling, in that case deciding to fire your Realtor may be the right decision. However, if your Realtor is responsive switching listing agents may not make a difference.

How is Your Home Being Marketed?

6 Reasons Your Home Hasn't SoldIt’s important to know how your home is being marketed. There are Realtors who will take pictures with their phone, write a brief description and enter your home in the MLS.

While others will hire a professional real estate photographer, share your listing across all social media platforms, syndicate your home to all brokerage websites, share it with local Realtors, and do paid advertisements.

If your home has limited or no marketing it could be the reason your home isn’t selling. However, if your Realtor is doing top-notch marketing they probably aren’t preventing your home from selling.

Are You Cooperating with Other Brokers?

When you signed the listing agreement with your Realtor did you agree to have your home entered into the MLS and syndicated across IDX platforms? Did you agree to cooperate with other brokers and pay them a commission, if so is the commission you’re offering less than the going rate?

If you are not cooperating with other brokers or refuse to allow your home to be publically syndicated on the internet that could be the reason your home hasn’t sold. If your Realtor didn’t educate you on the importance of cooperating with other brokers or allowing your home to be syndicated they could play a role in why your home hasn’t sold, this could be a sign you hired the wrong agent, and hiring a new one could make a difference.

Final Thoughts

Before you jump to conclusions and assume your home hasn’t sold because of your Realtor it’s important to take a step back and really analyze the situation. Are you doing everything in your power to make your home easily accessible, keep it showing like a model, and have it priced according to the current market conditions? If the answer is yes, then hiring a new Realtor may be the answer.

If your current Realtor doesn’t keep you up to date on market conditions, does little to no marketing for your home, is unresponsive, or makes it difficult to schedule an appointment, and overall just isn’t educating you about selling your home then you may have hired a bad agent and firing them could be the right move. Once again before making a knee-jerk decision it’s important to a closer look and try figuring out why your home hasn’t sold.

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Do you want to fire your Realtor because your home has been just sitting on the market? If so here are 6 things to consider before doing so. #realestate #homeselling Click to Tweet

Popular Real Estate Questions

Can I fire my Realtor as a seller? Yes, as a seller, you can fire your Realtor. However, it’s important to review your listing agreement and understand the terms and conditions of firing them aka terminating the contract. Will you be required to pay a termination fee? Can you immediately re-list your home with a new brokerage? Your listing agreement should spell out your options and obligations.

Wondering how to fire your Realtor as a seller? If you decide to fire your Realtor it’s important to review your listing agreement and notify them and their broker in writing. Including the reason why you’re firing your Realtor and any additional information that’s helpful is recommended also recommended.

When should you fire your real estate agent? When and if you should fire your Realtor depends on your individual circumstances. Are you buying or selling a home? Have you signed an agreement with them? Are they responsive and attentive to your needs? Are they doing their job to the best of their ability? Regardless if someone is buying or selling a home it’s important both parties trust one another and are loyal, if not it may be time to move on and fire your Realtor.

Can I fire my real estate agent before closing? Yes, you can fire your Realtor before closing. However, where are you at in the buying or selling process? Who is going to take their place to make sure you stay in contract and successfully close? These are things that should be discussed with your Realtor and their broker.

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Want to Fire Your Realtor Because Your Home Hasn’t Sold?


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