6 Pool Maintenance Tips to Have A Clean & Safe Summer Swim

6 Pool Maintenance Tips to Have A Clean and Safe Summer Swim    

With summer around the corner, everyone needs an activity to cool down. Well, swimming can be an ideal option. Imagine taking a dip in the refreshing water after a hot day. Nothing could be more perfect than that. However, to enjoy your swim, one also has to focus on pool safety. Without proper care, your swimming pool could become a breeding ground for harmful microbes, which results in harm to you and your family.  

6 Pool Maintenance Tips to Have A Clean and Safe Summer Swim  

Always remember that water in your pool must be regularly changed, sanitized, and filtered to make it safe for swimming. After all, you and your family will be using the pool throughout the season, and it must not become the reason for your deteriorating health. Therefore, we provide a list of pool maintenance tips to help keep your pool clean. Following these tips can potentially save every pool owner’s life and enhance their swimming experience.

1. Thoroughly Examine your Pool 

The first thing every pool owner should do is check the condition of their pool. From assessing damage to checking the water quality, individuals should closely monitor their pool’s state to understand its condition.

Checking the water condition is crucial because poor quality can lead to severe health issues for swimmers. You can test the water condition by a strip test. These strips determine the pH level of the water and indicate if it’s safe for human use. Try carrying out water tests at least once a week when the pool is in regular use. Even if you’re not using your pool that much, still try to carry out tests each month to maintain the condition of your pool.  

Similarly, check the pool for any cracks and leaks. Sometimes, inexperienced homeowners may not be able to locate all the leaks in their pool and might need professional help. According to the professionals at Leak Science, “The best solution to detect hidden leaks in the pool or anywhere in the house is to perform an in-depth analysis first, which only a professional can do using the right tools and resources.” A pool free of leaks and with a balanced water pH is ideal for regular swimming during any season.

2. Focus on Cleaning the Pool Filters 

Another aspect of pool maintenance is keeping the filters clean. Filters help remove dust and impurities, but over time dust settles on filters, reducing their efficiency. Thus, cleaning pool filters is a necessity.  

Begin by removing the cartridges or DE filters and washing them thoroughly. While cleaning, inspect the filters for signs of damage. If the filters are not in good condition, replace them immediately.

Sometimes, simply lifting out the filter basket and discarding accumulated debris can be effective, but giving the filters a proper wash is always recommended. Be sure to wash the filter pipes at least once a month for optimal performance. After cleaning the filters and ensuring everything is back in place, your pool will be ready for the next month of use. 

3. Scrub the Pool Every Week 

Tips for Maintaining Your PoolFrom the pool surface to its deeper end, clean every corner regularly. An infected swimming pool can have algae, making it impossible for anyone to swim. The only possible solution is skimming and scrubbing every other week. 

First clean the surface by removing any debris, insects, or twigs that may have fallen into the pool. Usually, skimmers help pool owners carry out this task. Afterward, clean the sides and base of the pool using a scrub or a vacuum specially designed for pools. 

By cleaning every inch of your pool, you not only kill nasty microbes but prevent the growth of more germs as well. 

4. Don’t Forget to Shock the Pool 

Shock treatments are part of pool maintenance and help clear the water. During the shocking process, professionals add a large volume of chlorine to rapidly sanitize the entire pool. Since the chlorine levels remain high for a few hours, all the contaminants are removed, and the pool starts looking clearer. 

These shock treatments quickly remove bacteria and other harmful organic material from your pool, making it safe for you and your family. 

No doubt shock treatments are a prominent method for removing all sorts of contaminations, but perform the process in the evening or night. During the day, UV rays from the sunlight can reduce the efficiency of the process. 

With regular shocks, homeowners continue their summer swims without worrying about their health.  

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5. Drop a Few Tennis Balls in your Pool to Absorb Oil 

Most expert cleaners also suggest pool owners use tennis balls to absorb oil from the water. It might sound surreal, but it’s a well-used method. So, take a bunch of tennis balls and immerse them in your home pool. 

Whatever oils are present in the water will be absorbed by these balls. The entire pool will be free of unwanted oils secreted from human skin in a few hours.  

6. Keep the Water Circulating 

Pool maintenance isn’t something complicated. In fact, keeping your pool clean and safe requires very minimal effort. All you need to ensure is that you’re doing the right thing, such as keeping the pool water in circulation.  

Stagnant water is at higher risk of becoming cloudy or developing mold spores. Therefore, keep the water in circulation as much as possible. 

Why is Periodic Cleaning Necessary?

Pool Cleaning | Why It's NecessaryWhether it’s a public or private pool, the chances of finding microbes in both are equal, thus creating the need for a thorough cleaning session. Sometimes, individuals believe their pool is clean by judging its external conditions, but it’s not necessary that if the water in the pool appears clean, the pool doesn’t require cleaning. What might appear clean from the outside could have millions of germs, harmful to the swimmer’s health.

You cannot even imagine the consequences of having an unclean pool. From skin infections to irritation, and respiratory problems, anything could happen if you take a dip in a dirty pool. So, consider cleaning the pool thoroughly before stepping in with your kids.

Using Organic Cleaners for Your Swimming Pool

Most importantly, use organic cleaners for your pool, as they don’t cause any side effects. Organic cleaning chemicals have lower concentrations of toxins and effectively clean the entire pool, eliminating algae, bacteria, and other microbes in the process.

In addition to their cleaning benefits, organic cleaners are safer for pool owners with families. Children can develop allergies, rashes, dizziness, and headaches due to conventional cleaning chemicals. To ensure the safety of your children, it’s preferable to choose an organic option.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a clear idea of how to clean your swimming pool and why it’s necessary to prefer timely cleaning, you can easily maintain your pool for longer durations. These cleaning methods are simple and don’t require much effort. The best part, cleaning a pool doesn’t cost a fortune. Routine cleanings are not a burden on the pocket, but ignoring the problem could complicate matters. When you avoid getting your pool cleaned for months, you end up paying a lot more. That’s why it’s better to take care of the issue when it’s not that significant.

Pool owners can also find professionals to handle the job if they feel the task to be tiring. Just sit back and relax while professional cleaners handle your pool. They clear out any visible and invisible impurities while maintaining the pH of the water and make sure nothing happens to the base or sides of the pool. No matter what cleaning option you prefer, make sure you choose it on time for a pleasant and safe swim in the summer season.

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6 Pool Maintenance Tips to Have A Clean & Safe Summer Swim | Don't miss these helpful pool maintenance tips for a pristine and secure swimming experience all summer long! #swimmingpool #poolmaintenance Click to Tweet

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6 Pool Maintenance Tips to Have A Clean & Safe Summer Swim


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