Smoke Smells and Does Not Sell | Helpful Home Selling Tips

Smoke Smells and Does Not Sell | Helpful Home Selling Tips

A lot of home sellers go to great lengths preparing their home for sale but oftentimes focus so much on the visual appearance they forget about the smell.  While there are probably hundreds of smells that will turn off a home buyer in my professional opinion as a REALTOR the two most common ones are cigarette smoke and the smell of a pet.

Smoke Smells & Does Not Sell | Helpful Home Selling Tips

Case In Point

Several months ago buyer clients of mine saw a beautiful home that was upgraded from top to bottom, but upon entering the home they could not get past the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke and they crossed it off their list.

Fast forward 3 months later, with the lack of home inventory, my clients decided to take another look at the home, but this time try to look smell past the cigarette smoke and focus on the upgraded kitchen, wood floors, crown molding, and several other upgrades most home buyers would love.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised the second time around because the smell of cigarette smoke was almost untraceable.  The sellers obviously took measures to remove the smell of the cigarette smoke and their efforts paid off because this time my clients focused on how beautiful the home really was and WANTED IT.  Within 48 hours we had an executed contract and I strongly feel if the sellers took measures to remove the smell of cigarette smoke prior to putting their home on the market it probably would have sold right away. Instead, it sat on the market and became a stale listing.

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7 Tips for Eliminating Cigarette Smoke Odor

The smell of cigarette smoke can easily turn prospective homebuyers away in droves. So if you’re a smoker getting ready to list your home it’s imperative you eliminate the smell of smoke. Here are 7 tips for how to remove the smoke smell from your home.

Let Fresh Air In:
Open up windows and doors throughout your home to allow fresh air to circulate. If you have fans you’ll want to turn them on to help dissipate the smoke smell throughout the property. Additionally, placing bowls of baking soda, vinegar, activated charcoal, or even kitty litter around your home can help absorb any lingering odors.

Utilize Air Purifiers or Ozone Generators:
Consider using air purifiers with HEPA filters to remove smoke particles from the air. If the smoke odor persists, an ozone generator might be an option. However, be cautious because high ozone levels can be harmful to health and are not recommended if you reside in the property.

7 Tips for Eliminating Cigarette Smoke OdorThorough Cleaning:
First remove the offender, start by getting rid of any cigarette butts and ashtrays throughout your home. Since cigarette smoke chemicals tend to stick to all surfaces, you’ll need to scrub everything from top to bottom.

It’s best to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as a simple mixture of hot water and white vinegar in equal parts with a little bit of fresh lemon juice. For stubborn stains on walls and ceilings, add a little baking soda to the mix and use a sponge to clean all surfaces.

Repaint the Walls and Ceilings:
Even after a thorough cleaning, a fresh coat of paint, on the walls and ceilings, may be necessary to completely eliminate the smoke odor and staining. Consider using a primer designed to combat odors before applying the final coat to ensure the smoke smell is permanently eradicated. If you don’t take the proper steps the smoke smell can seep back through within a matter of days.

Address Flooring Issues:
Smoke can be absorbed into carpets and other furnishings. If you don’t want to replace the carpets, sprinkle baking soda on them and let them sit overnight before vacuuming. Afterward, steam clean all carpets and rugs. In a lot of cases, you’ll want to remove rugs altogether. For hardwood floors, use a similar mixture as used on walls, and repeat the process if needed. Don’t forget to clean baseboards and doors to remove nicotine stains and odors.

Clean Windows, Blinds & Curtains:
Window frames and coverings like curtains and blinds can also trap cigarette smoke. Clean the frames and consider replacing the curtains and blinds if they still retain the odor. Soaking blinds in a  cleaning solution can help, and curtains can be machine washed or taken to the dry cleaners.

Address Upholstery and Furniture:
Upholstered furniture can hold on to cigarette smoke odors, so apply baking soda and let it sit overnight before vacuuming. If the odor persists, use white vinegar or specialized cleaning products to tackle the issue. For other furniture, such as cabinets, use white vinegar to remove the smoke residue.

Bonus Tip: Remember to replace AC filters regularly to prevent the odor from being redistributed throughout the home when the unit is in use. Adding some essential oils to the filter can help freshen the air as well.

Final Thoughts

Eliminating the smell of cigarette smoke from your home will require effort, time, and money. However, with diligent cleaning and following these tips it is possible to remove it. The harder your work to remove it the greater the payoff will be with a higher sales price and increased appeal to prospective buyers. Remember buyers don’t just look with their eyes, they smell with their nose too. Additionally, stop smoking in or around your home. Even if you smoke outside, the smoke stays on you and you’ll be dragging it back into your home.

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If you're a smoker getting ready list your home for sale it's important to know smoke smells and can prevent a sale, but not if you follow these tips. #realestate #homeselling Click to Tweet

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Smoke Smells and Does Not Sell | Helpful Home Selling Tips


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