Best Practices When Storing Wood Furniture to Avoid Damage

Best Practices When Storing Wood Furniture to Avoid Damage

Wood furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, but it’s important to store it properly to avoid damage. If you’re not careful, your wood furniture can quickly become scratched, dented, and even ruined.

Best Practices When Storing Wood Furniture to Avoid Damage

By following these simple best practices for storing wood furniture, you can keep it looking great for years to come.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight can damage wood furniture, causing it to fade, crack, or warp. So if you’re storing your furniture for an extended period, keep it in a cool, dark place where it won’t be exposed to sunlight.

In addition to damage from direct sunlight, prolonged exposure to indirect sunlight can also cause problems for wood furniture. Your furniture’s finish may fade due to heat and ultraviolet rays from the sun, which makes it more prone to damage. If you’re storing your furniture in a room that gets a lot of sunlight, cover it with a sheet or another type of cloth to shield it from the sun’s rays.

Don’t Store in a Humid Environment

Wood furniture should not be stored in a humid environment as too much moisture can cause it to swell, warp or rot. If you currently live in a humid environment, taking steps such as using a dehumidifier or storing wood furniture in a climate-controlled storage unit is necessary to protect the wood from damage. You can also seal it in plastic to help prevent moisture from seeping in.

How To Store Wood Furniture | 10 Helpful TipsUse Furniture Covers

It protects any type of furniture from dust, dirt, and animal damage. For example, it helps to prevent stored furniture from mice or other pests that could cause serious problems in the long run. So, choose covers made from a material like cotton or canvas, and ensure they fit snugly around your furniture to avoid shifting or sliding.

You can find furniture covers at most home goods stores or order them online. Just measure your furniture before purchasing covers to get the right size.

Place on a Flat Surface

When storing wood furniture, place it on a flat surface to avoid warping or damage. If you’re using a storage unit, consider placing your pieces on pallets or shelves to keep them off the ground. 

If you must store it on a raised surface, ensure the legs are evenly supported to avoid tipping or instability. Avoid placing the furniture on soft surfaces, such as carpeting, as this can cause damage to the piece over time.

Use Padding for Delicate Pieces

If you’re storing particularly delicate or fragile wood furniture, use padding to protect it from damage. Place soft blankets or towels around the piece, and if possible, wrap it in bubble wrap for an extra layer of protection. You may also want to store it in a padded storage bag or box to reduce the damage risk further.

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Avoid Extreme Temperature Changes

Sudden temperature changes can damage wood furniture, causing it to crack or warp. If your area experiences sudden temperature changes, store your furniture in a temperature-controlled environment like a storage unit or basement. You should also avoid placing furniture near heating or cooling vents, as this can cause the wood to dry out and become brittle.

If you must put your furniture in a room with extreme temperatures, try to mitigate the effects using humidifiers or dehumidifiers. These devices will help regulate the room’s humidity and prevent the wood from drying out or absorbing too much moisture.

Don’t Stack Too Much on Top

If you have to stack pieces of furniture on top of each other, make sure not to weigh them down or stack them too high. This can cause the pieces to topple over and become damaged. Also, distribute the weight across the pieces evenly you’re stacking. 

Measure the height of the storage unit before stacking any furniture there. In order to have easy access to everything when you need it, you should leave some extra space at the top. And, as always, label each box or piece so you know what’s inside. Doing this will help keep your furniture safe and in good condition.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Moving FurnitureUse Caution When Moving

When moving wood furniture, lift it carefully to avoid dropping or banging it against walls or doorways. If possible, place padding around the piece before lifting to help protect it from damage.

If you’re hiring professional movers, ask about their experience with moving wood furniture. They should be able to provide you with advice on how to best protect your stuff during the move. And, if they’re not comfortable moving certain types of furniture, let them know in advance so they can make other arrangements.

Disassemble When Possible

If you’re storing your wood furniture for an extended period, it’s best to disassemble it if possible. This will help protect the pieces from damage and make them easier to move and store. These are ideal for home office furniture such as office desks or chairs as they can be taken apart and stored in a smaller space.

Some pieces of furniture can’t be disassembled, so if that is the case, wrap it well in padding or blankets to help protect it from scratches, dents, and other damage. And make sure to label all the pieces so you’ll know how to put them back together later.

Clean Before Storing

Before storing wood furniture, clean it to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. This will help protect the pieces from damage and keep them looking their best.

To clean your wood furniture, start by wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt. You can try using a light detergent or a commercial furniture cleaner to remove any particularly stubborn stains. Once the piece is clean, dry it completely before storing it away.

Final Thoughts

Wooden furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, but it’s important to remember that, like any other piece of furniture, it needs to be properly taken care of in order to last for years. By following these simple best practices when storing wood furniture, you can avoid damaging it and keep it looking beautiful for the seasons to come!

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If you plan on storing wood furniture you'll want to follow these best storage practices to ensure your wood furniture doesn't get damaged. #storage #realestate Click to Tweet

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Best Practices When Storing Wood Furniture to Avoid Damage


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