CBS Home VS Wood Frame Home | Top 13 PROs and CONs

CBS Home VS Wood Frame Home | 13 PROs and CONs

When you’re buying a new home, especially in South Florida, the building materials used are important. It can have an effect on how strong the building is, which could be important in a hurricane zone. There will also be a difference in the initial cost and ongoing maintenance expenses, along with other considerations.

CBS Home VS Wood Frame Home | 13 Pros and Cons

In South Florida, most of the properties will either be CBS or wood frame construction. But is one type of home construction better than the other, and which is best for you? Let’s look at CBS and wood frame homes to better help you choose your next property.

What is a CBS Home?

CBS can either stand for concrete block and stucco, or concrete block structure, but whichever definition you use, the construction is going to be the same.

With this type of construction, the concrete foundations are poured, and concrete blocks are used to form the walls. Rebar is used for reinforcement, and some of the blocks can also be filled with concrete to add strength.

What is a Wood Frame Home?

Wood frame buildings are the most popular home construction type in the United States and for good reason. Floor joists can be constructed between foundations with the wooden frame exterior and interior walls built onto it. However, they aren’t necessarily the most popular in South Florida and for good reason.

In South Florida, most of the properties will either be CBS or wood frame construction but is one type of home construction better than the other? Find out now! #realestate #newconstruction #homebuying Click to Tweet

The Pros and Cons of CBS Homes

Pros of CBS Homes

What is a CBS Home?Stronger Construction
Concrete is heavier and more durable, so you can expect it to last a long time. Concrete blocks will withstand fire and aren’t going to rot when they get wet.

While you might assume that concrete blocks will better withstand hurricanes, wood frame homes aren’t typically any more susceptible to damage in high winds.

Also, many two-story homes are not CBS from top to bottom. Some are CBS on the ground level and frame on the top. This is something you’ll want to keep in mind when looking at two-story “CBS” homes.

Fewer Pest Problems
While there is a lower chance of issues from pests with concrete block construction, the home will still be constructed using some wood. Termites can still attack baseboards, framing, and wooden roof trusses.

Sound Canceling
Sound Canceling Concrete blocks are better at blocking out the noise from traffic and noisy neighbors compared to wooden structures. However, the type of windows installed in a home plays a pivotal role in its overall soundproofing capabilities.

According to local window experts, modern replacement windows can significantly enhance the soundproofing capabilities of your home, regardless of its construction type. Here’s why:

  • Superior Materials: Today’s windows are constructed using top-tier materials specifically designed to minimize noise transmission. This includes double or triple-pane glass and specially designed frames that reduce the amount of sound that can pass through.
  • Advanced Technology: Replacement windows are equipped with cutting-edge elements, such as noise-reducing laminates and gas-filled spaces between panes, further enhancing their soundproofing capabilities.
  • High STS rating: The STC rating measures how well a window blocks sound: the higher the rating, the better the soundproofing. Our replacement windows typically have STC ratings in the range of 30-40, which is considered excellent for residential applications.

Lower Maintenance
Thanks to the strength of concrete blocks, you are likely to face fewer maintenance issues to the structure of the home.

Insurance Costs
Homeowners insurance premiums can be lower compared to wood frame homes. Insurance companies consider CBS homes to be lower risk, so they can cost less to insure.

Cons of CBS Homes

Wood frame homes typically have better insulation than concrete block constructions. Though the exact thermal efficiency of a home is often dependent on other insulation materials installed during construction.

Concrete block walls are more expensive to construct than wood frames. Even if you are buying an already constructed home, the costs can be higher.

Environmental Considerations
Concrete blocks have more impact on the environment during their construction.

In South Florida, most of the properties will either be CBS or wood frame construction but is one type of home construction better than the other? Find out now! #realestate #newconstruction #homebuying Click to Tweet

The Pros and Cons of Wood Frame Homes

Pros of Wood Frame Homes

Easier Remodeling
If you want to make some changes to your home, it is easier, cheaper, and more straightforward to remodel a wood frame home. Walls can be cut, moved, and additions constructed with less difficulty.

Cheaper Construction
Not only is wood cheaper to buy than concrete blocks, but labor costs are also likely to be lower.

Cons of Wood Frame Homes

5 Pros and Cons of a Wood Frame HomeMaintenance Requirements
Because wood is less durable than concrete, this type of home will require closer attention to maintenance. Any relatively minor damage to the outside of the property, like cracks in the structure, can lead to water getting in.

When problems like this are left unattended or unnoticed, the wood can begin to rot, something that can be more of an issue in humid conditions, like we have in South Florida.

This is why it’s important to inspect the exterior and interior of your frame home on a regular basis because issues like water intrusion can cause a lot of damage in a short period of time.

Pest Problems
Termites and beetles are going to be a greater concern in wood frame homes. This will mean you will need to spend more on pest control, as well as home maintenance, to ensure termites or beetles don’t find their way into your property. Mosquitoes are bothersome and may be challenging to get rid of on your own, so if you see a large swarm of them on the way into your property, you should call a mosquito control service, right away.

Higher Insurance Premiums
Owners of wood framed homes are more likely to make claims, and so the premiums are higher. Part of this might be down to the increased maintenance required by this type of housing, and when they are missed, insurance claims are more likely.

Which Should You Choose; CBS or Wood Frame?

While wood frame homes might be cheaper to build or purchase an existing home the savings can likely be canceled out by insurance premiums and maintenance costs. But ultimately, the choice will depend on your own preference and the homes available in the area you want to live.

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In South Florida, most of the properties will either be CBS or wood frame construction but is one type of home construction better than the other? Find out now! #realestate #newconstruction #homebuying Click to Tweet

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CBS Home VS Wood Frame Home | 13 PROs and CONs


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