What Colors Look Good with Natural and Stained Wood?

What Colors Look Good with Natural and Stained Wood?

You want your home to be a balanced and harmonious place—it’s where you escape from the stress of everyday life. A carefully selected wall color can make wood features look stunning. 

What Colors Look Good with Natural or Stained Wood?

We’re going to discuss how you can apply color theory when you’re decorating a home with wood. When you’re choosing a new wall color, it’s good to keep these key concepts in mind. They can guide you toward making color choices that will fit your desired theme.

Colors That Look Good with Wood

Here’s how you can design an interior that accentuates your wood floors, trim, and/or furniture:

How You Can Use Color Theory

Start by identifying a color that most accurately describes the wood. The material might have varying shades throughout, but establishing a primary color is important when you’re designing an interior.

Then, look at a paint wheel. Any colors you see that are opposite from the one you’ve chosen will be complimentary. Similar shades will blend in more easily because they have overlapping tones. Pay particular attention to the undertones of various colors. Ones that contrast too much, or blend too well, might create an unappealing look. Try to find the sweet spot in the middle for wall colors that will accentuate the qualities of the wood.

You can also use colors to change how big a room feels. Repainting a room with a lighter color can make your space feel bigger. If it seems too open, make it more cozy by using a darker shade. Contrasting colors can highlight the tone of your wooden pieces. Now that you have a clearer picture of how different colors work together, here are a few shades that you can consider:

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Cool Tones
When you pair stained wood with blue and brown, it’s hard to go wrong. These shades bring out the depth and vibrancy of one another. Mix in a splash of green to make an oceanic teal color.

A royal purple will accentuate the deep golden tones of maple wood. In a room like this, you’ll feel relaxed and lavish. However, a bright shade may be overwhelming if you have too much color and too little wood.

Sage green is a popular pairing with dark oak and light birch. It creates a natural and fresh atmosphere. There’s a reason why you’ll see this hue used commonly with wood pieces—it has a way of highlighting the beauty of wood without disappearing completely. 

Cool tones are trendier than warm ones; if you plan on selling your home, you might want to stick to one of the above colors.

Decorating with Warm Earthy ColorsWarm & Earthy Colors
Wall colors with brown undertones can make a room feel grounded. When used tastefully, warm shades can be comforting. Imagine a room with burnt orange walls and dark oak floors—these shades of autumn might make you feel like you’re in a pumpkin patch.

If the room lacks windows, you can simulate natural light by using a sunny yellow shade on the walls. In a study or den, paint the walls a deep and fiery red for a dramatic look.

Keep it Classic with Neutrals 
It’s rare to find a shade of beige that doesn’t look good in a room. While it may not catch the eye, it serves as a subtle background color that lets your stained wood furniture or flooring take center stage.

One potential downside of using a neutral shade is that it could match your wood too closely. You run the risk of washing out any wood features; it could blend the differences between the material and your walls, hiding the distinctive character of the wood. When you’re working with neutrals, choose shades that contrast the wood.

Check out these awesome how-to tips for selecting a color that will look great with natural or stained wood when decorating your home. #howto #stainedwood #homedecor #interiordesign #naturalwoood Click to Tweet

Soft Pastels
You can use washed-out blue, green, or yellow to add a splash of color that isn’t too bright. A pale pink will make a room with dark oak look soft and comfortable. Choose a pastel shade that complements the undertone of the wood; for example, cedar will look striking with pale green or orange walls.

A blonde-toned wood will look light and airy with pastel shades. You can use these colors to create a spacious look. In a bedroom, soft shades can make you feel restful.

Grays and Whites | Home Decor Tips for Wood FloorsGrays and Whites 
Plain white walls make a room feel inviting and neutral, especially when paired with light birch wood. It can make a room appear more open, even if it’s small.

To create an ultra-modern look, you can use gray shades with red-toned stained wood, such as cherry or mahogany. The sharp contrast between these colors will give your interior space a unique edge.

Playing with Texture

Rather than sticking to one color, you can add a dramatic accent by using patterned wallpapers and bold rugs. Try to find ones that have some overlapping qualities with the wood, like matching colors or patterns. Otherwise, the room could appear too busy.

Choosing a metal accent can create an industrial look. For example, consider a brass vase for your potted plants. Concrete can also look intriguing; you might add stone coasters to your coffee table.

Beyond the colors in a room, it’s important to consider the different textures of the materials. 

A Flat or Glossy Finish?

If you want to keep the focus on the wood, opt for a matte finish on the walls. It won’t draw too much attention away from your trim, hardwoods, or furniture.

A glossy coating allows light to reflect off the walls, which can make a room look lively and bright. If the wood itself has a glossy coating, you may want to match it with the walls.

How To Protect Wood FurnitureProtecting Wood Furniture

After putting so much thought into how you decorate your home, it’s important to protect the wooden features that your design revolves around.

Use a Rubio Monocoat to prolong the lifespan of your wood and enhance its natural grain pattern. This product can improve its resilience against impacts or water damage.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve just laid down some gleaming hardwood floors or purchased an intricate piece of wooden furniture, you want to decorate with colors that bring out its character. Certain shades might work against the beauty of the wood and create a clashing atmosphere. 

Coordinating colors isn’t always easy, especially when you’re working with a material as unique as wood. By applying color theory, you can find shades that complement natural and stained wood pieces.

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Check out these awesome how-to tips for selecting a color that will look great with natural or stained wood when decorating your home. #howto #stainedwood #homedecor #interiordesign #naturalwoood Click to Tweet

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What Colors Look Good with Natural and Stained Wood?


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