Final Walk-Through Checklist for Home Sellers | 10 Must Do’s

Final Walk-Through Checklist for Home Sellers | 10 Must Do’s

When you’ve found a buyer for your home and the closing date is close, it can seem like your responsibilities as a seller are over. However, you still have things to do to make sure closing isn’t derailed at the final moment.

Final Walk-Through Checklist for Home Sellers | 10 Do's and Don'ts

Within a day or two of closing, the buyer will get their opportunity for a final walk-through of your property. But if something is wrong, there could be a delay for closing.

There are things you can do to make sure things go smoothly, however. We’ve created a sellers’ walk-through checklist of do’s and don’ts so that you don’t run into a hiccup at the final hurdle.

If you're selling a home make your move smoother by following our final walk-through checklist, which shares the top 10 do's and don'ts. #homeselling #realestate #finalwalkthrough Click to Tweet

Final Walk-Through Checklist for Home Sellers

Do Leave Manuals, Warranties, and Keys

Make sure you leave manuals and warranty information for appliances where they can easily be found. Perhaps put them all in one drawer, or leave them on the counter. You should also collect all the keys, label them, put them in an envelope, and leave them on the counter. If you have any garage or gate remotes you’ll want to leave those as well.

Do Leave the Items You’ve Agreed

If you have agreed during negotiations to leave a particular appliance or piece of furniture or fixtures, make sure those things don’t end up in the moving truck. If you want to take items that the buyer might assume you’ll leave, let your real estate agent know.

How To Create a Vendors ListDo Create a Vendor List

If you have used some companies and contractors that you were happy with, create a list for the new buyer. This will help the new owner deal with maintenance issues, safe in the knowledge that they are choosing a company that they can trust.

It will also make things easier if they want to continue the same services, like lawn care or pool maintenance. Having uninterrupted service, like lawn care, while getting acclimated to their new home is one less than that most buyers will be happy about.

Do a Final Clean

When all the furniture has been removed you need to give the home a good clean. Making sure the home is clean for the new owner will give them the right impression when they do their walk-through.

If you have been living in the home for a few years, dust and grime will inevitably build up behind furniture and in places difficult to reach. While a lot of real estate contracts state the home must be “broom clean,” not deep cleaned you should still consider bringing in professional cleaners. The last thing you want is an upset buyer because the home is filthy, so the cleaner the better.

Do Replace Bulbs

The buyers will probably check the lighting is working as well as any other electrics and plumbing in the home. Checking the lighting works correctly is a simple and easy fix that will create the right impression for the buyer during the walk-through.

Do Report Damage

It is easy to scrape a floor or damage the drywall when moving large items of furniture. If something changes with the condition of your property, you should let your Realtor know. This is something that can potentially upset the buyer and lead to delays while repairs are made.

If you're selling a home make your move smoother by following our final walk-through checklist, which shares the top 10 do's and don'ts. #homeselling #realestate #finalwalkthrough Click to Tweet

Don’t Leave Things Behind

You should ensure that your home is empty of everything when the buyer completes their final walk-through. This is, of course, aside from anything you have agreed to leave in the home. This goes for the garage too. Don’t leave a bunch of junk like old paint cans or cleaning products. You should dispose of these items unless the buyer wants them.

Don’t Overlook the Yard

The outside space on your property should also be tidy, as the buyer will check it during their walk-through. Don’t forget to clear out any sheds, or any other storage places you have in the yard. You’ll also want to make sure the grass is cut and the pool, if you have one, is cleaned right before closing.

Moving Timeline | When to Relax and When to PackDon’t Leave Things Until the Last Minute

Moving can be a busy and stressful time, so don’t add to your concerns by having to rush preparations for the buyer’s final check. Try to set aside some time a couple of days before moving to make sure the home is ready.

Even if you hire a professional moving company you still don’t want to take your move down to the last minute. Things happen, movers don’t show up, moving trucks break down. The list goes on and on of possible delays, which will create unnecessary stress.

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Contact the utility companies a couple of weeks in advance, so they know that you are moving out. Set up a change of address with the post office to redirect your mail. Also, go through the companies you use, to change your address details with them.

Final Thoughts

When you are finally leaving the house for the last time, turn off all the lights and lock the doors after you’ve had a final look around. You need to make sure nothing has been left behind that shouldn’t be.

Try to leave your house the way you would want to find it if you were moving in. For instance, you wouldn’t want anything extra to do on top of the stress of moving in. Anything you can do as a seller to make the buyer’s first days in the home easier will be appreciated.

Being organized and following checklist, like our final walk-through checklist will make things a lot easier and smoother as well.

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If you're selling a home make your move smoother by following our final walk-through checklist, which shares the top 10 do's and don'ts. #homeselling #realestate #finalwalkthrough Click to Tweet

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Final Walk-Through Checklist for Home Sellers | 10 Must Do’s


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