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Finding a great service provider in Wellington Florida can often times be difficult, so when I work with a company that provides outstanding service I love sharing my experience and will confidently refer them to my clients, family and friends.

One of those service providers I loved referring was Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. Over the years the owner of Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc., Eduardo, has done a great job cleaning my grout and installing baseboards for me. However at the time of these services he worked for another company, so when I wanted my grout cleaned again and additional molding installed my
Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEWfirst call was to Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc., not the other company because I assumed now that Eduardo owned his own company the service and work would be just as good if not better.

Unfortunately I was very wrong and while I typically don’t write negative reviews I have referred Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. in West Palm Beach Florida to countless people, so I wanted to share my last experience with them and why I will no longer be referring Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc.

Last year we hired Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. to clean our tile grout and add additional moldings. While I wasn’t receiving a discount and could have possibly saved money by contacting another company I trusted Eduardo with Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. and was confident he would do another great job.

Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEWAfter signing a contract we decided the molding would be done first and then the grout would be cleaned. Since we have dogs I coordinated my work schedule to make sure I would be home for the two days.

Day one a crew showed up late, worked for a while and then suddenly left. They ended up coming back, worked for a while and said they would be back the next morning as scheduled.

Day two nobody showed up, called or returned my calls.

Day three I received a call from Eduardo, he was at my guard gate with his crew. He explained the previous crew were not able to install the moldings, so he had to bring in another crew. I already had appointments scheduled and let him know I wouldn’t be home. He assured me he would be there the entire time and my dogs would be safe. I was unsure after my experience the previous day, but understood the crew was ready to work and I trusted him, so I went to work as scheduled.

Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEWBy the time I got home a lot of the molding was installed and another crew came in to caulk and paint. They asked if they could stay late to finish the job, I agreed and that’s when I made my first mistake. Eduardo was leaving with the molding installers and asked if I could pay for the molding. Since everything was shaping up to be finished I foolishly paid the entire amount due. Eduardo came back later that evening, I pointed out an area that wasn’t correct and he assured me he’d fix it, that was the last time I saw Eduardo.

So fast forward 5 months later and I’m left with unfinished molding, unpainted areas and a nice scratch down the side of my custom leather sectional that I’m assuming happened when they were moving ladders. My tile floors and grout never got cleaned either.

Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEWMy husband tried reaching Eduardo a few times and then life got busy, but having to look at the unfinished job daily I wanted it finished.

Plus, we had a contract so I was hesitant to bring another crew in. I e-mailed Eduardo to no avail and then tried texting him again to see if he was going to finish the molding job and clean my floor grout as agreed.

He quickly responded letting me know he “lost a lot of money” doing my crown molding. Since he didn’t answer my question I asked again, this time he responded that he put money from his own pocket and he couldn’t spend more money, time or gas on my job.

That was the last I heard from Eduardo with Floor Grout Solutions Inc. USA.


Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEW Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEW
Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEW Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEW

While Floor Grout Solutions Inc. USA in West Palm Beach Florida may provide outstanding service to other customers as you can see that’s not the experience I had, so unfortunately I will no longer be able to refer Floor Grout Solutions Inc. USA in West Palm Beach to anyone looking to have their grout cleaned or moldings installed.



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8 thoughts on “Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. West Palm Beach Florida | REVIEW”

  1. Whoa – what a horrible experience! I hope Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc either rectifies the situation or goes out of business for stealing from you after wrecking your house!

    1. Renee – Based on my correspondence they have zero intention of fixing or finishing the job. As I mentioned in my post I learned a very valuable lesson, NEVER pay a contractor until you are completely satisfied regardless if you trust them.

    1. Yes it is Joey and if you still need work done as soon as I find another molding company who does outstanding work and that can be trusted I’ll let you know. I don’t have time to hunt for another one right now, but obviously I’ll need to if I want my molding finished 🙂

  2. This is so disheartening. You recommended them to us 4 years ago and at the time, they did a great job. We were looking to have them come back to clean the grout again, but not now. We’ll look elsewhere to a company with better standards and service. Thank you for posting this so that we don’t get ripped off, too.

    1. Nikki – I’m really hoping they never did this to any of my clients, family or friends. As I mentioned in the article I typically don’t write negative reviews, but since this is a company I have referred I had to share my latest experience.

  3. WOW! If Floor Grout Solutions continues to screw their customers like that they’ll be out of business before they know it. So he didn’t finish the job because he didn’t bid it correctly and decided to walk away? Contractors are bending over backwards to get real estate agents to refer them, this guy had you for how many years and then screwed you, what an idiot. I’m sure the money he “lost” was pennies compared to the referrals he’s losing not to mention this review, I’m sure it’s costing him even more. Hopefully he does the right thing and comes back to finish and pay you for the inconvenience.

    1. Hi Charlie – Thanks for stopping by! It’s been over 2 years since I wrote this post and they haven’t reached out to me, so I think it’s safe to say Floor Grout Solutions USA Inc. is not going to do the “right thing.”

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