14 Things Florida Homeowners are Re-Designing in Their Homes

14 Things Florida Homeowners are Re-Designing in Their Homes

Each place in the world presents a unique perspective on living that is reflected in the way they design their homes. Florida is no exception. This is a sunny state with plenty of stunning beaches and palm trees. It’s a popular vacation destination with plenty of tourists visiting it every year. It’s also a haven for retirees so you can expect to see homes of established individuals looking to enjoy their last decades in this tropical paradise.

14 Things Florida Homeowners are Re-Designing in their Homes

Popular Florida Home Styles & Designs

If you’re looking to get some inspiration or you’re simply curious about how Floridians decorate their homes, keep reading as we discuss the top redesign elements that homeowners in this state go for.

1. Coastal Style

The numerous beaches in Florida have greatly inspired the coastal style of homes here. This means they often use a clean aesthetic, natural light, and soft tones. All of these elements are ideal for living near the beach. However, you don’t have to be near one to incorporate this style into your home. You can have a coastal design by incorporating earth tones, layered blues, stripes, linen, and crisp whites into your home decor.

2. Tons of Natural Light

As said above, coastal style often means abundant light. The interiors of Florida homes rarely feel dim or cramped. Instead, they evoke a sense of lightness and airiness, almost as if there is no boundary between the outdoors and the indoors. To make this possible, Florida homeowners have plenty of large windows and glass doors in their homes. They may also have skylights to invite more sunlight from above. They rarely have window treatments as these can actually prevent natural light from coming in. 
Coastal Living Ideas

3. Neutral Palettes
Too many colors can make a space look cluttered and heavy. To avoid this, homeowners in Florida steer clear bold colors and opt for light neutral palettes instead.

Some good design colors include warm beige, khaki, blue, wites, pale green. This works really well with the abundant natural light and can make the space feel even airier.

4. Simplistic Layout

This is in line with the airiness that Floridian homeowners wish to achieve. There is no room for clutter here as this can trap heat; most residents will adopt a simple layout in their homes. 

Another reason why residents don’t like to have too much furniture is because they prefer spending their time outdoors. This means that the interior space will have clean lines, plenty of storage, and functional furniture. By doing this, they’re able to create an inviting space that makes anyone feel at home.

5. Built-in Bookshelves

Built-in bookshelves look elegant but they do more than class up a space. They also keep the floor plan clear –a necessity for every Florida home. The best thing about investing in a built-in bookcase, it’s that it doesn’t only need to be equipped with your favorite reads. 

It can be a home to ornaments, your favorite collections, or even movies. Depending on the space you have available, you could also look into killing two birds with one stone by implementing the lowest level of the shelf as a desk, or countertop for extra space in your home without it looking cluttered.

6. Huge Porches

Outdoor lounging is a way of life for people who live in Florida. This is due to the hot climate and close proximity to beaches. Don’t be surprised to find huge porches in Florida homes where residents can relax and have gatherings with friends. Often, the porch extends far away from the home to maximize their view of the outdoor surroundings. In some homes, this is called the lanai which is really just a Hawaiian term for patio. You may also find that along with these spaces, there are intricately designed gardens and landscapes. This only further enhances the appeal of the outdoor space.

7. Metal Accents

Homes in Florida may have a simple, coastal style but they’re able to maintain their elegance with the help of metal accents. The most common options are gunmetal and silver. A little goes a long way here and you don’t want to go overboard with these accents.

Some good locations to consider for this finishing touch is on any stairs in your home, the skirting of your house, on the porch, or veranda. This will give you home a little more swag and a lot more style.

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8. Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are not just sturdy, but they are also essential. When you live in Florida where there is constant sea, salt, and humidity, hardwood floors are the ideal material to use. They’re easy to clean and fix and they last for a very long time. Looks-wise, they perfectly fit with the coastal decor style which prefers natural materials like wood. 

One big advantage about going wood over carpet, is the one is easier to self-install over the other. If you want to take this on as a DIY project, you can check out this guide.

9. Steel Roofing or Clay Roof Tiles

Houses in Florida used to have tin roofs which are quite sturdy but this was later replaced with a much better version, steel roofing. It protects the house better, requires little upkeep, and looks amazing in any home.

If you decide to go with this option, You can also invest in a bird spike – it’s not as sinister as it sounds, I promise. This will help you keep the birds from loitering on your home, something that is known to be a big problem for coastal residents in Florida. 

Another alternative is the clay roof tiles reminiscent of Spanish villas. Not only do these look aesthetically pleasing but they also do a great job at keeping the heat dispersed evenly so it doesn’t feel too hot inside. 
Florida Living - Outdoor Living Space Matters

10. White Paint On the Outside
This is another strategy for keeping the home cool. The white paint on the exterior is able reflect sunlight, even during the hottest of summers.

11. Cool, Comfy Cushions
It’s true that hot weather can make you feel lazier. Because of this, there is a huge emphasis on cool, comfy cushions in Florida homes whether it’s the living room couch or the bedroom mattress.

The convenience of online shopping has made it possible for residents to get a mattress delivered to their home but nothing beats being able to feel the mattress in person. This allows residents to check whether it gets too hot fast. If it has poor temperature control, it can be hard to fall asleep at night and relax.

12. Indoor Palm Trees

As we mentioned earlier, Florida is home to palm trees and homeowners here don’t just grow it outside, they also have it in their homes. Living in a subtropical state such as here means you have to work on making your space look fresh. There are specific species of this plant that thrive indoors such as the parlour palm and the kentia palm. Indoor plants like these are great for sprucing up a space and improving indoor air quality.

13. Natural Prints

Beyond plants, Floridian homeowners also don’t hold back on natural prints. This can mean having throw pillows with patterns of leaves or a giant print of tropical flowers hanging by the living room. This is just another way to add a fresh look to their space.

14. Different Textures

Florida homes that are designed simplistically are given dimension with the help of textures. This adds visual interest to a space and gives it a more finished look. Texture is a popular buzzword among interior designers but you might not know how to implement it yourself. It simply means opting for various textiles, materials, and colors. The more opposing elements there are, the better. 

You don’t need to incorporate different textures all at once. You can do it piece by piece, making sure that each item speaks to you. For example, if your space is all white, you can build up on other items using different colors or even a tad shade lighter or darker so the room doesn’t feel flat.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most popular Florida-based designing tips you can implement in your home. Which will you choose? Remember, you don’t need to do it all at once. Have a monthly challenge, and change your house into a home one step at a time.

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If you’re looking to get some inspiration or you’re simply curious about how Floridians are re-designing their homes keep reading #homedecor #diy #floridaliving Click to Tweet

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14 Things Florida Homeowners are Re-Designing in Their Homes

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