Forget LA and New York: These Are the Most Affordable Places to Live in USA

With job opportunities opening up in most parts of the country thanks to the booming economy, young people are starting to re-evaluate their job options. If you are going to move, you should do it now because the interest rates on homes are going up. When looking for a place to move, you should consider its affordability. Here are the most affordable places to which you can relocate:

Wellington, Florida

Located in Palm Beach County, this is a village that boasts a wonderful community atmosphere, picturesque landscape and economic opportunities. Although the developed areas are classy and elegant, Wellington appreciates the natural landscape as evidenced by the abundance of preservations and parks.

Job growth and economic opportunity are expected to skyrocket by at least nine percent in the coming five years. Moreover, life in Wellington, FL is relatively cheap compared to most big cities. This village also stands out because of its love for horses – it is home to the world’s longest-running horse show, which is known as the Winter Equestrian Festival.

If you are looking for an interesting change of pace, Wellington can offer that thanks to the influx of tourists between the months of January and April. Employee growth has also been increasing, which makes Wellington a great place to move if you want to advance your career. With a population of 61,790, you will fit right into this town. 

Boise, Idaho

Most of the residents of Boise have moved from Washington DC, Portland, and NY. When you consider the numerous work opportunities in Boise, you will understand why people are choosing to relocate there. This region has lots to offer, including low cost living, close-knit communities, and outdoor activities.

Boise is a big draw for young families because it is one of the safest cities in the world. Moreover, the do-it-yourself culture thrives here makes it a haven for startups and creatives. Thanks to the booming tech industry, new talent flocks to Boise to find the ideal work-life balance plus plenty of outdoor activities.

The top employers in Boise include technology and healthcare industries. On the weekends, you can partake in fun activities such as watching a state football game, hiking on the foothills, and floating on the river.

Dallas, Texas

Although Dallas is generally costlier than other cities, it is still much cheaper than NYC and LA. Therefore, if you still want an authentic city life that does not cost an arm and a leg, it is the ideal place to live. As the cultural and commercial hub of Texas, Dallas is great for people who love city life.

Despite being a car-happy city, the public transport options in Dallas are quite decent. Home to the longest rail system, this city also has plenty of trolleys, busses, and rideshares.

When moving to residences such as La Villita apartments Irving, TX, you should hire qualified movers to avoid damaging your stuff. Make sure that you read the reviews of the moving company first.

Morgantown, West Virginia

When you visit Morgantown, you will probably change your overall perception of West Virginia. For instance, the area is home to West Virginia University as well as a booming art scene. Morgantown also embraces diversity and has uplifting environmental consciousness.

This town makes it to the list of most affordable areas to live because it has affordable housing as well as numerous opportunities for renting. While living in Morgantown, you will not run out of things to do as you can tour the WVU Art Museum as well as the Met Theater. The locals are big fans of mountaineering, which you can also take up if interested.

During your free time, you can visit the Caperton Trail if you like to rollerblade. While you explore the town, you should try to find the hidden waterfall, which is located in the White Park Trails. You can explore the trail with your family and look for it together.

Richardson, Texas

Due to the large number of tech companies in this place, it is also referred to as Telecom Corridor. Richardson is a tiny suburb located in the DFW, which means that there is an abundance of jobs. Just because this is a suburb does not mean that it is boring for younger people without families.

In Richardson, you will find numerous bike trails, bars, and events to keep yourself busy. Moreover, the location is home to several beautiful apartment complexes that you can choose. With a crime rate that is 22 percent lower than the national average, you will feel safe raising your family in Richardson.

This city also has easy access to public transportation, which makes it easier for you to get to your destination on time without spending too much money on fuel. The major employers in this area are semiconductor industries, software, as well as telecommunication companies. If you love to exercise outside, you can run or jog on the Richardson Trail System.


If you are looking to start over as a young professional, these places are for you. When looking for a new place to live, affordability should be your top consideration. Morgantown, Boise, Dallas, and Richardson are the best places for you to consider living.

Forget LA and New York: These Are the Most Affordable Places to Live
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Forget LA and New York: These Are the Most Affordable Places to Live
Check out some of the most affordable places to live in the United States. On this list is Wellington FL, the village I call home and sell real estate.

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