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My name is Chase Gibson, I am a middle school student who is growing up in Wellington and here is my point of view on places I visit in Wellington Florida.

Come “Walk Wellington” with me now……

Wellington Aquatic Complex in Wellington Florida

The Wellington Aquatic Complex is a water park located on West Forest Hill Boulevard in Wellington Florida and has one of the biggest pools in Wellington.

The aquatic complex has many attractions such as the water slides, diving boards, children play area, racing lanes for competitions, and one huge pool to sit and play in.

There are two water  slides; the green water slide has no top on it and has several twists and turns while the orange water slide has a top on it and only has two turns.

There are two diving boards, both the same height and are located in the 12 foot section of the pool, which is the deepest area.  They have two play areas for toddlers and other small children.  The complex has racing lanes that you can use to practice racing.

The Wellington Aquatic Complex was recently remodel; they added a score board, stairs and ramps, food stand and a tanning area.

If you are looking for a nice pool to go to this summer I recommend checking out the Wellington Aquatic Complex

Wellington Aquatic Complex 12150 Forest Hill Blvd Wellington Florida

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Wellington Aquatic Complex in Wellington Florida
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