Creative Ways To Maximize Your Bathroom Space

Creative Ways To Maximize Your Bathroom Space

After a long hard day at work, there’s no better way to unwind than to take a bath. It’s simply the best thing to do – hot, soapy water cleaning away all the dirt and stress of the day. It doesn’t even have to be a bath! Even a hot shower will help relax one after a long day out. After all, not everyone has the fortune of having a bath within their bathrooms. For many, it’s more common to have a tiny bathroom than a sprawling, luxurious one. In fact, it’s a squeeze to have anyone but you using it.  

Ways To Maximize Your Bathroom Space - Excellent Tips Inside

For some, their bathroom is their ultimate refuge – their one place of absolute privacy. Therefore, it’s important to have a comfortable bathroom for use; and you should certainly check out bathroom costs in 2020 to explore your options. You wouldn’t want to feel cramped when using it and you definitely wouldn’t want to be bumping into sinks and shelves when changing. As such, we have created this guide to teach you how you can maximize your bathroom space. 

Small Full Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas | Tips and AdviceIf you aren’t aware, a full bathroom is one with a sink, toilet, shower, and tub. It encompasses all the elements that one would expect in a bathroom. If you want a full bathroom, you’ll need at least an area of 36 square feet. This is usually the dimension for a guest room bathroom or a small house’s master bathroom. If this is your bathroom space, there would be two different choices that you can try. 

The first would be a bathroom with a small, plain bathtub and shower combination. The second would be scrapping the bathtub for a large, luxurious shower setup. You could get a rain shower or one with multiple jets. Whichever you go for, you’d be able to have a good amount of space within your bathroom especially if you choose to use glass for shower doors. There won’t be any knocking of your elbows or head as you get dressed. The layout shouldn’t matter much but your sink, toilet, shower, and/or tub would probably be positioned against a wall of your bathroom. 

Small Third-Quarter Bathroom 

A third-quarter bathroom, on the other hand, is one with only a sink, toilet, and shower. These bathrooms are usually six feet by six feet. Like a full bathroom, the layout is a square shape. However, there is significantly lesser space available and thus, a tub would be out of the question. A bathtub would simply be too large to fit comfortably within your bathroom. Therefore, you’d have to keep to have a shower only. A good way to organize your bathroom space would be to have your shower or sink in one corner. This would ensure that you are able to move easily around your bathroom.

Organize your bathroom to create more spaceSeparate Tub And Shower

The ultimate small bathroom dream would be one that fits in a bathtub and shower, separately. This might sound completely implausible – how can a small bathroom space fit so many elements? However, it is completely possible. You just need the right layout to ensure that all your fixtures can fit into your bathroom. However, you do have to remember to leave space for you to move around the bathroom too! 

If you’re thinking about dimensions, your bathroom should at least be an area of 45 square feet or more. You’d also want a more rectangular-shaped room, a five feet by nine feet layout would be good. However, there might be a little too little space for changing or moving around. But the tradeoff of having a bathtub and shower would be worth it. For this bathroom type, you’d probably have all your fixtures against the wall in an L-shape. To maximize comfort and space, you could get a sliding door. This would ensure that you don’t have to worry about a door that swings inward. As such, a great amount of space would be saved. 

Narrow Bathrooms 

Narrow bathrooms are perhaps the hardest bathrooms to plan out. There simply seems to be too little space for you to have anything in the bathroom. Every fixture in the bathroom simply would jut out too much and no one would be able to undress without bumping into something. It’s too cramped and nothing seems like it would help. However, that isn’t true. There are some rules you can follow to make your narrow bathroom space seem more spacious. 

First, have an outward swinging or sliding door. This does not change no matter where your bathroom entrance is. An outward swinging or sliding door would not take up space within the bathroom itself, and this means that you’d have maximum space in your bathroom. Secondly, your toilet and sink should be placed side by side, against the long wall.

This allows your bathroom space to have a straight path within it. This layout would also enable you to have more storage space. Thirdly, you can have wall niches for your sink and toilet cistern. This would help it recede more into the wall and hence, create a greater sense of space in the bathroom. Lastly, your shower should always be at the end of the room, against the short wall. This would be the only way to organize the bathroom fixtures. 

Extra Space in Bathroom IdeasHalf Bathrooms 

A half bathroom is one that only has a sink and toilet. For most, this would be used as only a toilet. However, some may need to turn this into a half bathroom. This is completely possible too!

All you would need to do is get a sink faucet converter. From here, your sink would double up as a shower too! Do ensure that your bathroom has a drain for water to drain away into though. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no need to despair if your bathroom space is too small. This does not mean that your bathroom has to be a cramped space. Instead, all you need to do is some creative thinking and good organizing. With that, you’ll be able to maximize space and create a comfortable bathroom for yourself! We hope that the tips we’ve provided can help you in creating that room. 

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Ways To Maximize Your Bathroom Space

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