Who is Supposed to Show Me Homes for Sale?

“Who is supposed to show me homes for sale?” This question usually doesn’t get asked because everyone knows Real Estate Agents show homes for sale. However, not many home buyers know the proper protocol for who is supposed to show them homes whether they have an agent or not. Here are 4 categories home buyers fall under along with the answer of who is supposed to show them homes.

Who is Supposed to Show Me Homes for Sale
So who is supposed to show you homes for sale? Select what best describes your situation below and find out who is supposed to be showing you homes.

I Don’t Have an Agent

Buying a home can be a very exciting time, but it can be a stressful one too. If you don’t have a Real Estate now is a great time to find one to work with. There are countless benefits to working with one agent.

First, you will no longer have to call multiple agents trying to find a home, they will do the searching for you. Second, agents have access to new listings before the general public, so you won’t miss out on a great home. Third, agents are able to educate you about the area and suggest neighborhoods you didn’t even know about or consider. Plus, they will be able to navigate you through the entire process; from writing an offer to doing the final walk through.

I Have An Agent

Who is Supposed to Show Me Homes for Sale - Can't Find Your Realtor

If you have an agent then your agent should be the one showing you homes. Whether they send you a new home listing that you’d like to view or you find a listing on your own they should show it to you. The same applies if you have questions about a property. Do not start calling other agents asking them questions, ask your agent and they will obtain the answer for you.

I know a lot of buyers don’t see the harm in calling other agents to ask questions, but what they fail to realize is they’re probably not calling the listing agent. Odds are they’re calling an agent, no different than the agent they’re working with, who will have to take time to find out the answer. Since a majority of real estates don’t get paid a commission unless they sell a home it’s important for buyers to only contact the agent they plan on buying a home though. Now, if your agent is missing in action and unreachable you may have hired the wrong agent and might want to consider hiring a new agent.

My Agent is on Vacation or Unavailable

If your agent is on vacation or unavailable to show you homes they should make arrangements for someone else to assist you. Whether it’s a fellow associate, their broker or even the listing agent they shouldn’t leave you hanging and make sure someone will assist you in their absence. Once again you should not call other real estate agents to ask questions or show you homes if you plan on buying a home with your agent who’s unavailable.

I Only Want to Deal with the Listing Agent

You might think you’ll save money or it’ll be easier dealing directly with the listing agent, but that isn’t always the case. Who is the listing agent working for? Odds are they’re working for the seller, even if they are a dual agent or transaction broker. The listing agent has already established a relationship with the seller and may look out for their best interests whether they are supposed to or not. Buyers need to remember the seller hired the listing agent to sell their home. Do you really think they are going to tell you about all of the negatives the home has to offer when you contact them? Maybe, but it’s unlikely.

However, by having your own agent they will be able to educate you about the current market conditions. Discuss the positives and negatives of a home. They will also be able to review comparables, help you structure an offer that doesn’t only benefit the seller and negotiate the best possible terms. Plus, working with a buyer’s agent is usually free, so why wouldn’t you hire your own agent?

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have an agent hire one. If you have an agent call them and only them. If your agent is on vacation and left you hanging hire a new one. If you want to be your own agent hire an attorney. An attorney won’t be able to educate you about the real estate market or let you know if you’re paying too much. However, they will be able to make sure you have a legal binding contract.

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Who is Supposed to Show Me Homes for Sale? Home Buying Questions
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Who is Supposed to Show Me Homes for Sale? Home Buying Questions
If you're in the market looking to purchase a home it's imperative you know who is supposed to show you homes before you start calling every Realtor.

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