One of the most popular questions Wellington home buyers want to know is “how much will the electric bill be” for a particular home and the answer is IT VARIES. While most people assume the bigger the home the more expensive the electric bill will be, but that is not always the case, it really depends how energy efficient the home is and YOU are.

Over the years I have had clients call the electric company to find out how much the current resident spend each month on their electric bill, but how accurate will that number really be? My neighbor down the block and I have the exact same home, but her monthly electric bill is usually DOUBLE.

Why is there such a huge difference between our Wellington electric bills? I do not think there is one reason in particular, but I think it’s a combination of several factors and below are just a few possible reasons why my neighbor’s electric bill is more than mine.

1. We keep our homes set at different temperatures

2. Our AC unit is newer

3. Our windows are tinted

4. We do not leave doors open when the AC or heat is turned on

5. We keep lights and fans turned off if we are not in the room

6. We use space heaters

7. We keep as many electronic devices unplugged as possible.

While Wellington home buyers can always ask the electric company or even the seller how much their electric bill is they need to keep in mind their bill may be much lower or higher depending on how energy efficient they are.

If you are a Wellington home buyer who needs assistance finding the perfect home contact us today and we will guide you through the process from start to finish!

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How much will the Electric Bill be for my Wellington Home?
Wellington Florida Electric Bill | One of the most popular questions home buyers want to know is how much their electric bill will be.

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  1. This question always confuses people, and I admit that it sometimes doesn’t make any sense at first. I have a great example of why better construction standards trump everything else you can do. In 1994 I built a new 2100 square ft single story home in Franklin and while it was being built, I lived in a 1100 square ft apartment. My energy bill the first year I lived in my house my energy bill was lower than my apartment. But after a few years the bill starting getting higher and higher. In 2005 I sold the house and bought a larger new home 2800 square feet. Once again the energy bills dropped like a stone. I was expecting higher bills, but the averaged about half of my older smaller home. The process of wrapping homes helped a lot i think, because I never could find one draft in the coldest days of winter. It also helps that the new codes here require at least a SEER13 or higher HVAC system.
    In general newer homes are cheaper to heat an cool in my experience.

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