How To Sell a Home with Kids | 6 Helpful Home Selling Tips

How To Sell a Home with Kids | 6 Helpful Home Selling Tips

You already have a lot of things to do when you are selling your home, but if you have kids, things can get a whole lot more stressful. Depending on the age of your children, there are different problems to face.

How To Sell a Home with Kids 6 Helpful Home Selling Tips

There are some things you can do to make selling with kids considerably easier, however. We give you some helpful tips for how to sell a home with kids, that should reduce your stress and your kid’s tantrums.

Prepare the Kids for the Move

The upheaval when moving home is enough for adults, but for children, it can seem a lot worse. It’s tempting to keep information about the move a secret from your kids, but telling them the truth early on will avoid the possibility of them finding it out for themselves. This is one of the first major steps you’ll have to take to sell a home with kids.

Preparing Kids When Selling Your HomeYou may face some upset children if you don’t frame the move the right way. Focus their attention on the positives of the move. This might mean getting them excited about a bigger bedroom or living closer to an attraction that they like to visit.

Perhaps the prospect of decorating their new room the way they want might help. But any positives you can come up with to get them thinking positively about the move will make things easier.

If you’re going to be moving long-distance, you can plan a party so your kids can say goodbye to their friends properly. Though they will still be able to keep in contact with their friends online, a party can bring closure to living in their old house.

You can also plan another party to help them make friends in the new neighborhood. This will also help you get to know your neighbors and make settling in easier for everyone.

Deep Clean

Buyers are looking for a clean and tidy house, and when you have kids, this can be difficult to maintain. You will need to do a deep clean to remove any sign that kids have been living in the home.

There could be marks on the walls and doors to remove, as well as stains on the floor. You will need to clean the windows for finger marks both inside and out. Make sure you clean the house top to bottom, making sure the whole home shines. While deep cleaning your home for every showing may not be possible or necessary you will have to make sure the house is clean especially when you have to sell a home with kids.

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Make sure the majority of kid’s toys are packed away, so they don’t get in the way and distract buyers during showings. Buyers are looking to picture themselves living in your home, and toys scattered around the home aren’t going to make this easy for them.

Declutter Kids Toys When Selling Your HomeFor this reason, it is better to pack toys away to declutter the home. In fact, it’s a good idea to declutter the whole home, making your rooms appear more spacious and depersonalized. Pack family photos and your personal items as well as unneeded furniture. Renting storage can be the answer to free up space in your home while it is being marketed, and will also give you a head start on your packing.

Get your kids to choose a few of their favorite toys, and pack the rest. Make sure to reassure them that they will get them back soon. You might face some resistance to this idea from younger children, but if you can turn it into a game it will be easier.

Help them go through their toys choosing between two items for what should be packed. You can continue this until you are down to the bare minimum number of toys that can stay. If possible, try to confine the remaining toys to one area of the home. This may be the most difficult when you have to sell a home with kids.

Keep It Neutral

Homes with neutral color palettes tend to appeal to more buyers. What is less likely to make buyers fall in love with your home is children’s wallpaper or murals. This means you may need to paint your child’s room, getting rid of any decals, kids themes, or brightly painted rooms.

While some buyers might have kids, it is unlikely that they will be the same age as your’s or into the same things.

If you are getting ready to sell your home and have kids you won't want to miss our helpful guide, which shares tips for how to sell a home with kids. #homselling #tips #realestateClick to Tweet


Allow All Showings

To give your home the best chance of selling, and quickly, you need to avoid restricting showings. While this can be inconvenient, having restrictions like certain days or times when showings can go ahead, could put off some buyers.

Being more flexible will help your home sell faster, allowing you to move on with your life in your new home. This will reduce the amount of time your family will face uncertainty, and have buyers touring your home.

Plan for Showings

You need to have a plan for what to do when showings are scheduled. It is better to not be present when your home is being shown to buyers, and you need to be prepared for this. There are some things you will need to make sure you take care of before you leave the home, and you might only have short notice in some situations.

Plan for Showings when Selling with KidsToys will need to be packed away, the kids need to get ready, shoes need to be put on, and everything needed for the time out of the home has to be remembered.

Have a bag ready that contains your kid’s essential items that you can grab on the way out of the house. You will also have to go around your home making sure everything is clean and tidy ready for people to be shown around.

You need to plan some destinations to take your family for a few hours at a time. Trips to the mall or a park can be a great option for showings at any time or on short notice. You can eat at a restaurant or visit friends, whatever you choose you need to make things fun, but it doesn’t need to cost you much.

Final Thoughts

If you plan ahead, keep your children informed, and focus them on the positives, selling a home with kids will be easier for everyone. How well your children cope will depend partly on how old they are, but to a larger extent, how you handle the situation and your positivity. If you follow our tips, you will find your kids will quickly adapt to their new living situation and will find new friends. While it will never be easy to sell a home with kids it can be a lot easier by taking these steps.

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If you are getting ready to sell your home and have kids you won't want to miss our helpful guide, which shares tips for how to sell a home with kids. #homselling #tips #realestateClick to Tweet


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How To Sell a Home with Kids | 6 Helpful Home Selling Tips


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