5 Things Real Estate Agents Want to Hear During the Recruitment Process

Building a top-notch roster of real estate agents is crucial to a brokerage’s success. However, recruiting real estate agents can be a tricky process. Whether you’re looking for experienced agents or young talents, you have to know what to say in order to convince them to join you.

5 Things Want to Hear During the Recruitment Process

So what exactly do real estate agents want to hear? Here are a few suggestions to add to your spiels:

That You Can Give Them Purpose

There are real estate agents looking for a job. There are also those looking for a greater purpose. This is especially true for agents in the millennial and Gen Z age bracket. They want to be part of something bigger. Indeed, they’re not just looking for lucrative careers but also looking forward to making valuable contributions to the world.

How do you frame this within the realms of real estate? Show agents how they can change people’s lives by helping them find a home. Show them that your brokerage is not only focused on making profits. Emphasize that you are also motivated by values and shared growth. Nowadays, it’s more than just about work-life balance. It’s also about work-life integration: specifically, how one can be more passionate in life through a motivating, stimulating career.

That You Can Help Them Grow

There are certain points where one can feel stuck in their career. This happens in every industry, but especially in real estate where things can get a little routinary. As such, it’s important to offer real estate agents various opportunities for growth. Help them find career fulfillment by giving them the chance to learn and develop new skills. Doing this will not only help with agent retention, but will also better position your agents to achieve competitiveness and success. It will also boost morale.

Another great option is to offer one-on-one mentorship. This is where those in leadership positions and your more experienced agents come in. With first-hand experience over long years in the industry, seasoned real estate agents can provide unique insights and lend expertise. Don’t “hoard” your knowledge. Share it and help mold the next generation of experts.

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That You Welcome Technology

Technology has become an essential part of practically any industry nowadays. In real estate, technology can help streamline searches, provide more accurate estimates, and make buying and selling easier in general.

Beyond helping with the transactional side of any business, however, technology can also improve internal productivity. To impress potential new recruits, invest in technological tools that can help with various facets of real estate. For example, document management is a crucial part of real estate. Things may have taken a digital turn, but there is still a lot of paperwork and documentation involved. Accounting solutions are also lifesavers when dealing with millions of dollars in sales.

Other technological solutions you can invest in include relationship management tools and video marketing solutions. The latter is quite critical in catching the attention of the distracted customer, who is bombarded with content on a daily basis. By investing in technology, you show that you’re not only interested in productivity but also in ensuring that your team is properly equipped to be productive.

That You Offer More Than Monetary Compensation

Of course, a competitive salary is a great way to attract real estate agents over to your brokerage. You can further sweeten the pot by providing commissions or even referral fees. However, more and more agents are now looking for compensation beyond the monetary kind. As earlier mentioned, career growth is important for many real estate agents. As such, consider offering training and guidance, coaching programs, and other career growth opportunities at no cost to your team.

Comprehensive healthcare insurance is also a great benefit to add to your compensation package. You may also want to consider giving extra paid vacation and sick days. Understand what motivates potential hires and think out of the box. This way, you can create customized compensation packages that will satisfy unique needs. 

That You Value Offline Connections

It’s true that there have been a lot of technological developments that have been valuable in pushing the real estate industry forward. Nevertheless, real estate remains to be an offline industry at its core. It’s about making connections and cultivating relationships. These don’t just apply to the business relationships between the agents and the customers, however. Indeed, the connections between the brokerage and its agents prove to hold an equal or even higher value.

Emphasize to your potential recruits that your brokerage values personal connections. They’re not just employees, but rather partners in achieving the company’s mission and vision. Remember that when a brokerage cares about its agents on a more personal level, more people are likely to join and stay. 

Recruiting real estate agents is an important part of business growth. It’s something you have to take seriously if you want to succeed. With these helpful talking points, you can hopefully entice more new and talented recruits into your brokerage

5 Things Real Estate Agents Want to Hear During the Recruitment Process
Article Name
5 Things Real Estate Agents Want to Hear During the Recruitment Process
Building a top-notch roster of real estate agents is crucial to a brokerage’s success and impressing top agents is key to getting them to sign on.

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