Thrifty Bedroom Makeover: 5 Tips for an Affordable Makeover

Thrifty Bedroom Makeover: 5 Tips for an Affordable Makeover

Are you tired of your old bedroom’s look? Do you want to make a fresh change? Making changes for your bedroom can be challenging and frustrating sometimes, but with careful planning, it can be a fun activity for you and your family to enjoy.

Thrifty Bedroom Makeover 5 Tips for an Affordable Makeover

We all agree that the only constant thing in this world is change. Change also helps us improve ourselves. If you feel bored or stressed at work and going home isn’t helping,  chances are that you need something done. Redesigning your bedroom can be an excellent start to facilitate change and improve everything about you. 

Doing a total bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be that expensive. With the right moves, you can do a lot to improve your bed’s look. Here are some tips to help you with doing a total makeover without hurting your budget.

Using what you have

As mentioned earlier, doing a bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s even a way to do it for free. Yes, you heard it right, for free. Using what you have certainly doesn’t break your budget. It also allows you to find things that are just in your room, waiting to be noticed.

If you have a lot of furniture in your house, try moving some inside your bedroom. You can add a small couch or a small table inside your bedroom. If you have figurines or anything displayable, you can try and organize them so you can show it off in your bedroom.

Even if you already have enough furniture in your bedroom, a simple rearrangement can give out a lot of benefits. Just by moving that table or chair to the opposite side of your bed can have a positive effect on you. Again, you can always use what you already have to improve your bed.

Your Bed

If you do have something to spend on, you can certainly allocate your funds towards a new bed. If your bed has been with you for a significant amount of time, say ten years or more, then maybe it’s time to part ways with it. Get a bed that looks good and feels good. 

If you’re having a lot of trouble looking for a mattress, you can look at some online sites which provide extensive reviews on specific bed models. Bed models can have unique names, which at first glance, can sound strange.

The 2920, Tempurpedic, and the Memory foams are just a few examples. With online sites that have 2920 mattress reviews, you can certainly see how these beds can provide you with a good sleeping experience.

Taking care of your bed can also do a lot if you want some changes in your room. Try flipping over your mattress or rotating it. Moving your bed does not only make it look new, but it also increases its lifespan. This fact is the reason why most mattress companies encourage moving your bed once or twice every three months.

Save Money - Restore Repair RepurposeRecycling Some Items

Recycling not only saves you a lot of money, but it also helps the environment. It can also be a good family time activity as you enlist the help of your kids and wife when looking for some things to recycle inside your house. 

A popular project for beginners is building a lot of things from wood pallets. From bed frames, tables, and chairs, you can do a lot with them. You can go online for any DIY projects with some old furniture.

New Paint, New Life

Painting a new coat of color enhances your room’s natural vibe and aesthetics. Be braver in choosing a new color and go for something striking as opposed to dull old colors. You can use cool or pastel colors such as teal, gold, pink, ivory, jade, coral, etc.

If you already have those colors, then go for the opposite way. Try opting for a more calm and softer tone. Light shades of blue, gray, and even green can give a lot of positive vibes inside your room.

Flowers and Bedsheets

Try adding some fresh flowers inside your bedroom. Flowers can add a natural and pleasant look to your room. If you don’t fancy flowers, you can try putting in succulents. You can even go with bonsais and cactuses. 

Changing your bedsheets once in a while can also help facilitate a warm and calmer feeling inside your bedroom. Change your bedsheets at least once or twice every week. Use a bedsheet with colors that compliment the overall look of the room. Remember, every subtle change you make can have a lot of impact in the end.

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Final Thoughts

The bedroom is one of the most special places in our home, and we all want it to be peaceful and beautiful. After a long day’s work, you deserve nothing but peace and relaxation. If you feel that you’re still stressed out, try changing up some things in your room.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget for it. You can do a lot of changes that require little to no money at all. If you do want to buy something, then go and change your bed. Using the smallest of things such as flowers and succulents can certainly lighten up the mood in your bedroom.

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