When a buyer drives up to your home their first impression will be the exterior, so it’s essential your home has “curb appeal.” Oftentimes curb appeal isn’t hard or even expensive to accomplish, sometimes all it takes is a little elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint. In this article you will learn 8 ways to enhance your homes curb appeal in one weekend!

8 Ways to Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal
8 Ways to Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal

Manicured Lawn

Make sure your lawn is green and manicured at all times when in season. At no point when selling your home should your grass be overgrown, dead, patchy or discolored. Replacing grass is an easy and pretty inexpensive fix.

Remove Weeds

Whether you have weeds growing in your driveway, sidewalk, flowerbed or lawn they need to be removed. Not only are they an eyesore they scream “unkempt,” which a majority of home buyers are looking for a home that’s being maintained inside and out.

Plant Flowers

Spending a few dollars on flowers can go along way especially when selling your home. Regardless if you plant them in a pot or a flower bed they can add a pop of color, which can be appealing to a home buyers eye.

Pressure Wash Exterior

A dirty driveway, patio, sidewalk, house or even roof is not appealing to home buyers, so it’s imperative to have the exterior of your home pressure washed where needed.

Boost your Homes Curb Appeal - Wellington Home TeamFreshly Painted Entry Door

A fresh coat of paint can go along way especially on the front door, the door where buyers are usually standing outside of waiting to enter your home. Some sellers choose to paint their door a bright red to stand out while others will keep it neutral, either way a fresh coat on your front door can go along way.

Replace Dilapidated Items

Is your mailbox falling over? Are your house numbers crooked? Are your light fixtures rusted? Does your fence have wood rot? If any exterior items are rundown, dilapidated or broken they should be repaired or completely replaced.

Remove Eyesores

Nobody likes pulling up to a house and walking by smelly garage cans or stepping over toys. So it’s imperative you make sure items like garbage cans, sporting equipment and toys are hidden and out of a home buyers view. Depending on the amount of “things” you have you may have to rent a storage unit or donate some of the items if you don’t have room to store them.

Final Thoughts

Prior to listing your home for sale make sure it has curb appeal! The exterior of home will always be a buyers first impression, even in pictures, so don’t focus on staging the inside and completely ignore the outside.

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8 Ways to Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal

8 Ways to Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal
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8 Ways to Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal
When selling it's essential your home has "curb appeal" because it will be their first impression. Here's 8 ways to enhance your homes curb appeal!
8 Ways to Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal presented by Michelle Gibson, REALTOR