9 Steps to Renting a Home in Wellington

Renting a home in Wellington FL can be confusing and often times tenants don’t know where to start, so I have put together a step by step series on how to rent a home in Wellington Florida.  Hopefully this rental series will make the process of renting a home in Wellington FL a smooth one.

STEP 1:  Determining your Move Date
First and foremost a move date needs to be established.

STEP 2:  Determining your Needs & Wants
Come up with a list of needs and wants, but be flexible

STEP 3:  
Gathering Documentation
Landlords will require a lot of documents, start gathering now

STEP 4:  Choosing an Agent
It is important to find a rental agent who is familiar with the process

STEP 5: Looking at Homes for Rent
Looking at homes is not the first step

STEP 6:  Writing an Offer
Make sure to write a strong offer and be honest

STEP 7:  Your Rental Offer was Accepted, now what?
After acceptance the lease will be drawn up

STEP 8:  Turning on the Utilities
Some utility companies need weeks to set up service

STEP 9:  Move in Day!
Besides the moving truck it involves awalkthroughh, money & keys

If you need assistance finding a home to rent in Wellington FL contact us today or start the process now by filling out our Online Rental Questionnaire.

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