While a Wellington short sale seller needs approval from their lienholder(s) in order to sell their home they still have a say in the process.  Not only can a short sale seller turn down a buyers offer, they can also turn down their lienholders short sale approval terms.

Wellington Florida Short Sale - InformationLast week I was notified by a short sale listing agent that he finally received written short sale approval from BOTH lienholders. However after reviewing the written approvals the short sale seller did not agree to the short sale approval terms set forth.

While some buyers are under the impression that short sales are guaranteed, they are not.  The short sale lienholder(s) may not approve a short sale and then there is always the possibility of the short sale being approved, but the short sale seller not agreeing to the short sale approval terms.

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Wellington Florida Real Estate | Does a Short Sale Seller have a Say?
Another misconception when it comes to Wellington Florida short sales, let our team of experienced short sale agents guide you through the process.

2 thoughts on “Does a Short Sale Seller have a Say?”

  1. Yes, people do think that all short sale sellers are going to fold. But if the lenders terms don’t work, then the sale is not going to go through.

  2. I had a similar experience where the lien holders approved short sale, and then the seller did not agree to the terms.

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