Walk Wellington with Chase GibsonCome explore Wellington Florida with me!

My name is Chase Gibson, I am a middle school student who is growing up in Wellington and here is my point of view on places I visit in Wellington Florida.

Come “Walk Wellington” with me now……


Checking out the Wellington Library in Wellington Florida

The Wellington Library is located right off Forest Hill Boulevard in Wellington Florida.  It is filled with books, CDs and DVDs for all age groups, toddlers to adults.

When you first walk into the Wellington Library you will see a big sign saying “Children’s.” Here you will shelves filled with books, they also have computers and some recordings where your child can listen to stories.  In the children’s section there is an information center in the corner of the room where you can get assistance or a ticket to go onto the computer.

Right outside the children’s section is the DVD section where you can find movies, which can be rented for free.  Behind the DVD section there is a wall filled with CD’s that are also free to rent. The rest of the Wellington Library has books for adults, many computers, chairs to relax, a lounge along with private rooms.  They also have an information center just like the children’s section.

If you are interested in using the computers in the children or adult section there are two ways.  The first way is to ask the attendant at the information center for a ticket.  The second way to use the computers is to scan your library card, if you have one, at the scanning location, which will print a ticket that assigns you to a computer station.

The Wellington Library checkout is located near the entrance by the DVD section and you can either do a self-checkout or get assistance at the checkout counter.

If you are looking for a good book I suggest checking out the Wellington Library.

*The opinions and views expressed in the “Walk Wellington” column by Chase Gibson do not reflect the opinions of the Hansen Real Estate Group Inc. or Michelle Gibson, who are not responsible for the accuracy of any of the information supplied.
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Wellington Library in Wellington Florida
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