Real Estate Listing Descriptions are Key to Selling a Home

Real Estate Listing Descriptions are Key to Selling a Home

While photos of your home are really important for attracting potential buyers, the listing description is key too. The images will encourage people to look further, but if the listing description is lacking, you could be losing potential opportunities to sell your home.

Real Estate Listing Descriptions are Key to Selling a Home

If someone is interested in the images of your home, they want to read more about the property. Sadly, it is all too common for real estate agents to miss this opportunity to help sell the home. For this reason, you need to check how much effort a real estate agent puts into the listing description before you choose them to sell your house.

Picture Perfect

Images and videos are really important on a listing to grab people’s attention, but they aren’t everything. You should certainly make sure that photographs and videos of your home make it look its best, and this is where professional photographers can help.

The photographs are the most noticeable thing about the listing, and they need to be done well. If you have bad photographs your listing will not attract the people it should, missing opportunities to pull in buyers.

Once the photographs have brought people to your listing, the real estate listing description has to play its part to help them make an inquiry. Even with great photos, a bad description can put off potential buyers. The listing has to play a role in moving potential buyers through the different stages toward them buying your home.

Highlight the Best Features the Home has to OfferPaint a Clear Picture of the Listing Description

The features the home has that make it stand out from the competition, need to be clearly emphasized in the real estate listing description. Potential buyers need to understand why this is the home they should focus on over similar houses.

Perhaps the home is located in a larger-than-average corner plot, or it has a high-quality pool, maybe it has special energy-saving fitments. Whatever makes the home stand out should be clearly explained to buyers.

The features that will appeal to the widest range of buyers need to be front and center in the description.

High-Quality Brands

If your home features appliances that are well-known quality brands, these need to be mentioned in your real estate listing description as well. This is particularly important for a luxury home and shows that the features of the home are of the right quality.

The kitchen, perhaps the most important room in the property, should be mentioned if it has quality brands. If you have a recently upgraded kitchen, it needs to be clearly mentioned in the listing as it will be attractive to a lot of people. The brands of the appliances can be mentioned to emphasize how good the kitchen is.

Not only are photographs of a real estate listing important, but so is the real estate listing description. It will paint a picture of what the home has to offer. #homeselling #realestate Click to Tweet

Including the Upgrades

If you have spent money on your home in the last few years, these upgrades should be mentioned to buyers. If you have replaced the roof or the windows, this will appeal to prospective purchasers. So make sure they are included in your real estate listing description.

Carpets, flooring, heating systems, and air conditioning are just a few of the things potential buyers will be interested in. Upgrades like this will show people that they are unlikely to have to spend money replacing or repairing parts of the home.

Great Locations

If the home is in a great neighborhood, this should also make up part of the real estate listing description. If it is near top-rated schools, close to transportation, or in a desirable part of town, this will attract many buyers.

The Structure of a Great Listing

A real estate listing description doesn’t need to be too long, less than 300 words could be fine. While buyers want to read more about the property, they don’t want to read a huge amount of text.

Therefore, the real estate listing description needs to tell a story but also cut to the chase. Here are 5 easy steps to creating the best listing description.

A Standout Headline
The headline will help attract and encourage people to read more of the description. It needs to stand out and grab people’s attention. The headline will show up next to the image of the property, and it should highlight an important feature of the home.

An Opening Statement
The first few sentences of the description should highlight some of the best features to encourage people to continue to read. It should talk about features that will appeal to the kind of buyer that is expected to be interested in the home.
5 Steps to Creating the Best Listing Descriptions
List the Features
The description should then list the features of the home, but it can’t just be a list, it needs to be interesting. If the features of the home can be described in an interesting way, that tells a story to potential buyers, it stands a better chance of appealing to them.

The idea behind this is to help potential buyers imagine what it would be like to live in the home.

Call to Action
Once the description gains interest from potential buyers, they need to be encouraged to take action. The call to action should be at the end of the listing and, ideally, give them some reason to take action immediately. This will make sure they don’t see another home they really like and forget about your listing.

The contact information should be clear, so buyers know exactly what to do if they want to find out more about the home. More means of contact will be better to reduce the barriers to take the next step.

Wrapping Up
The description in your property listing is more important than many people imagine. When you are looking for a real estate agent to represent your home to sellers, you need to make sure they will be able to do your home justice in the description. If you find the right agent, your home will be on the market for less time, and you should get the price you expect.

Final Thoughts 

Create a listing description that sells! Certain things work well when writing real estate listing description. It needs to tell the prospective buyer all about the qualities the home has to offer. It should go into detail without going too far and just listing features. This takes some thought and creativity on the part of the agent to get it right.

If a listing agent is experienced in writing great property descriptions, it will show. They will know what works to differentiate the listing and really engage buyers.

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Not only are photographs of a real estate listing important, but so is the real estate listing description. It will paint a picture of what the home has to offer. #homeselling #realestate Click to Tweet

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Real Estate Listing Descriptions are Key to Selling a Home

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