8 Signs you Hired the Wrong Agent when Buying a Home

Hiring the wrong real estate agent when buying a home happens all of the time. Sometimes buyers aren’t even aware they hired the wrong agent because they aren’t sure what a real estate agent is supposed to do. So how does a home buyer know if they hired the wrong real estate agent? Below are 8 signs a buyer hired the wrong agent.

8 Signs you Hired the Wrong Real Estate Agent when Buying a Home

1. Unresponsive

Does your real estate agent return your calls, text messages or e-mails in a timely manner? If not you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Time is of the essence in real estate, so if it takes your agent hours or days to get back to you odds are you might miss that new listing or an important deadline when you’re under contract.

2. Search Online for Homes

Did your real estate agent tell you to search for homes online? If so you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Now, a lot of home buyers will look at homes online without being instructed to, but they shouldn’t be the ones trying to find homes that fit their needs. A top agent will be able to search the MLS where listings are updated in real-time, not syndicated or updated hours or days later.

3. Contact the Listing Agent

Did your real estate agent tell you to contact the listing agent directly to see their listing or answer questions? If so you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Not only should your real estate agent be the one showing you the listing they should also be the one answering any questions you may have. Now, if your agent is unavailable to show you a listing they should make arrangements for one of their associates or the listing agent to do so.

8 Signs you Hired the Wrong Real Estate Agent when Buying a Home4. Goes on Vacation

Did your real estate agent go on vacation and not tell you or make arrangements for an associate to assist you in their absence? If so you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Everyone deserves a vacation especially real estate agents who work 7 days a week.

However, when an agent goes out of town, even if they’ll be available by phone, they should still have an agent available to show the property or attend a home inspection for you.

5. No  Notifications

Does your real estate agent notify you immediately when a new listing hits the market? If not you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Once again time is of the essence in real estate. Some new listings will go under contract in less than 24 hours. So you’ll want to make sure your agent notifies you immediately when a new listing that fits your needs comes onto the market or in some cases back on the market.

6. Pushy

Is your real estate agent pushing you to make an offer? If so you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Now, urging you to make an offer because the property isn’t going to last long is one thing. However, pushing you to make an offer because they no longer want to show homes is another. Your real estate agent should be supportive even if they think you’re making a mistake. Just remember it’s your money paying for a home, not theirs.

7. Doesn’t Listen

Did you tell your agent you only want to spend $300,000 on a home and they’re showing you homes for $400,000? If so you may have hired the wrong real estate agent. Communication is key in a real estate transaction, so your agent should be all ears and listen to your needs and wants.

Is Your Real Estate Agent Equipped?8. Isn’t Equipped

Does your real estate agent not have access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) or a supra key to open lockboxes? If so you may have hired the wrong real estate agent.

The MLS and supra key are tools of the trade. They are inexpensive, so your agent should not only have access to the MLS, but be equipped to showing you every listing. Even if the home has a supra lockbox, not a combination, they should be able to show it to you.

Final Thoughts

Interviewing real estate agents isn’t just for sellers, homebuyers should do it too! Buying a home can be a very stressful experience, but if you hire the “right” agent they will be able to eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress.

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3 thoughts on “8 Signs you Hired the Wrong Agent when Buying a Home”

  1. I think your article speaks also to the issue within our industry also of Buyer Loyalty and Commitment.

    Will the Buyer sign a Buyer Broker Agreement?
    Will the Buyer keep you informed of change in their criteria or circumstances?
    Will the Buyer agree to be Pre-qualified by a lender and only consider showings of homes they are qualified to purchase?

    If more buyers and agents would work similarly to attorney / client relationships then I think you would see an increase in better agents and loyal/better clients. When either party doesn’t take the relationship professionally or with good intent it causes uncomfortable situations for all involved.

  2. Kelly Macaluso

    Good article. As home inspectors, we come across clients often who clearly have agents mentioned above. A little heartbreaking for us to see (especially first time homebuyer) clients whose interests are clearly not being protected by their agent.

  3. Great advice Michelle. Let’s hope that the folks reading this will do so before making any of these mistakes.

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